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Thursday, June 30, 2016

iRig Blue Turn & Xpand Bundle

iRig Blue Turn & Xpand Bundle

iRig Blue Turn

The iRig Blue Turn is the latest addition to our line-up of page turners.  A backlit, silent Bluetooth page turner for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android, you can easily use your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android on stage for set lists and sheet music! iRig BlueTurn is a Bluetooth page turner with silent backlit pad buttons that easily lets you turn pages and scroll through material hands-free. If you’d like to streamline the page turning process for your sheet music, lyrics, slides, tabs and other documents, iRig BlueTurn is the answer.

Now, with iRig BlueTurn, you'll be ready to perform at your best no matter whether you're conducting an orchestra, playing music from a score, shredding through some guitar or bass tabs, giving a major presentation, lecturing, or making a speech. With iRig BlueTurn, it's your turn.

Need a way to hold your tablet on the stage?  Check our the iRig Blueturn & iKlip Xpand Bundle!

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