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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Studio One V3

Studio One V3

Studio One V3Presonus recently updated their popular recording software to Version 3.  Confusingly called Studio 3, there are lots of great new features.
Studio One is available in two packages:

  • Studio One Artist: a great way to get started with Studio One at an affordable price
  • Studio One Professional: gives you access to all of the great features in Studio One, including the new Scratch Pads for creating alternate versions of songs, and lots of great new sounds.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pro Tools Duet & Quartet

Pro Tools Duet & Quartet

When you buy the Pro Tools Duet or Quartet bundle, you will receive one Tier 2 high-quality plug-in ($299 value) and one Tier 3 premium plug-in ($499 value) free! Your purchase also includes a free one-year Avid upgrade plan ($199 value). This provides all future Pro Tools upgrades – including the innovative Cloud Collaboration and Avid Marketplace features coming soon to Pro Tools 12 – plus access to expert help whenever you need it. After the first year, simply renew annually and stay current. 

Pro Tools DuetGet everything you need to create professional music from first note to final mix with the Pro Tools Duet bundle. Featuring industry-standard Pro Tools software and the best-in-class Duet by Apogee 2x4 audio interface, Pro Tools | Duet enables you to turn your Mac or PC into a powerful music creation studio, everywhere you go.

Need more inputs?  Check out the Pro Tools Quartet with an Apogee 12x8 audio interface!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NI Komplete 10 Upgrades - half price!

NI Komplete 10 Upgrades - half price!

Komplete 10Also on sale for 50% off are all Komplete 10 and Komplete 10 Ultimate upgrades and updates.  Until the end of June, if you own NI hardware or a previous version of Komplete, you can upgrade to Komplete 10 or Komplete 10 Ultimate for half price!

Just choose the "Regular" edition and then select the upgrade or update you need from the "Version" list - or contact us for assistance in ordering your upgrade.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Sibelius 8!

Sibelius 8 - order your upgrade today!
Sibelius 8
Avid recently announced that Sibelius 8 will soon be available!  If you purchase now, you will receive a free upgrade to Sibelius 8 as soon as it is available, plus free upgrades and support for a year.

Already have Sibelius?  Good news - not only do you get a free year of support and upgrades when you purchase the upgrade, but the price has also been reduced if you own an older version! 
  • If you have Sibelius 7, you can order the 7.5 Upgrade here and then receive a free upgrade to Sibelius 8
  • If you have an older version of Sibelius, order this upgrade, and you will also receive a free upgrade to Sibelius 8
Note that Avid no longer provides DVDs with Sibelius, so if you wish to receive the DVDs, you can order the Sibelius 8 Media Kit here.  Please note that this won't ship until Sibelius releases and ships Sibelius 8.

Don't already own Sibelius?   You can now purchase a perpetual license, or an annual subscription!
You can purchase the annual subscription at the regular or academic price, or if you own a competing notation product, you can purchase the competitive crossgrade instead.  You will then have access to Sibelius, all upgrades and free support for the entire year.  At the end of the year, you will have to purchase a renewal from us to continue to use the software.

If you want the perpetual license, you can purchase Sibelius Academic, (or if you do not qualify for the academic version, our special Sibelius & Notion bundle at a reduced price) and you will also receive a free upgrade and a free year of support and upgrades!  At the end of the year, you will be able to continue to use the software, and if you wish to continue to receive support and free upgrades, you can purchase a support contract from us.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

XLN Audio 50% off Sale!

XLN Audio 50% off Sale!

From now until the end of the week, all XLN Audio products are half price!  This includes the popular Addictive Keys Duo bundle and Addictive Drums 2.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Reason Essentials: Now Only $49 US, plus get over $350 worth of instruments and effects with Reason 8

Reason Essentials: Now Only $49 US, plus get over $350 worth of instruments and effects with Reason 8

Reason EssentialsIf you don't already have Reason, now is the time to get this awesomely fun program!  At only $49 USD, Reason Essentials is a great way to explore Reason - the perfect way into music making. Reason Essentials packs in all the recording, editing, effects, instruments, and mixing tools you need to sound great, with room to grow and expand.  Just be warned - it can be addictive!

Ready for the full version of Reason 8 instead of the intro level Essentials?  Buy before the end of June and get over $350 worth of instrument and effect Rack Extension plug-ins for free with Reason from Propellerheads when you register!