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Friday, January 2, 2015

YouRock Guitar with Radius Neck

YouRock Guitar with Radius Neck
This bundle includes the popular YRG-1000 MIDI guitar and the new Radius Neck.  The YRG-1000 MIDI guitar for recording, composing, and creating tablature via MIDI. It can also be used stand-alone with its internal sounds.  You Rock GuitarThe RADIUS neck has a redesigned fingerboard with a comfortable 13" radius. The contour has been slimmed down to a traditional 'C' style measuring 1-11/16" at the nut. The RADIUS neck has 22 frets and uses standard fret spacing. Inspired Instruments has enhanced the fingerboard playability by increasing the sensitivity and improving the shape of the strings and frets.

This YRG marks the next evolution of the ever popular YRG-1000 by Inspired Instruments Inc.  It is yet to be beat as the first fast tracking, no latency, affordable digital MIDI guitar on the market. Its price point is unheard of, its technology is unmatched.

The YRGs patented fingerboard technology and electronics have revolutionized the way a guitar player, other aspiring musician or DJ can create, record and play music. The YRG connects to a host of mobile devices including the popular iPad to use with GarageBand. It also connects via USB to the MAC and PC. The YRG can be used with most recording and tablature software such as Logic, Reason and Ableton to name a few. Also compatible with Legacy MIDI synthesizer devices via its 5-pin MIDI connector.

This versatile instrument never needs tuning and is backpack friendly. For beginners, or, if you enjoy games like Rocksmith and RockBand, the YRG is a perfect crossover instrument to real guitar playing. Pick yours up today!

New pickup system for improved reliability and consistency and firmware improvements to complement the new pickups.

Firmware has been tweaked for a more musical experience. The new Layer and Zone structure allows two sets of sounds to be mapped on the fingerboard per user selection. Other new features: chorus effect, transposition, pan, zones can be stored per layer in the 99 presets.

The onboard sounds are all new. Through You Rock's relationship with a professional sample house they have completely reworked the built-in sound library to enhance the stand-alone capability of the YRG.

Just getting started and don't want to invest in the bundle with the Radius Neck?  The standard You Rock Guitar with the regular neck is less expensive but has all of the same great features.

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