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Thursday, December 31, 2015

VoiceLive 3 Extreme, VoiceLive Play

iRig Dual

VoiceLive 3 Extreme sets you free to focus solely on your performance with groundbreaking FX automation and backing track playback. Awe-inspiring vocal effects and rich guitar sounds run effortlessly by themselves. From the first song idea to the execution of complex live arrangements, everything you’ve worked for comes together in VL3X.

Still want awesome vocals but need something a bit more affordable?  At $249.99, the VoiceLive Play is a great choice.  With renowned TC-Helicon Vocal Effects, Harmony and Looping, the VoiceLive Play also has hundreds of song & artist inspired presets.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

iRig Mic HD-A

iRig Voice HD-AThe first handheld digital microphone for Android and PC, the iRig Mic HD-A puts the power of superior digital audio recording in the palm of your hand!

The iRig Mic HD-A is the first affordable high-quality handheld digital condenser microphone for Android.  Now singers, musicians, journalists, videographers, podcasters and more can enjoy high definition digital audio while on the go. Talk about versatile: You can connect it directly to your Android device or PC! How's that for convenience?

But versatility is just one of iRig Mic HD-A’s many attributes. iRig Mic HD-A sports a 24-bit audiophile-grade A/D converter, a 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate and a low-noise/high-definition pre-amp.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

StudioJack Mini

StudioJack Mini
StudioJack Mini
Record, practice, and play live anywhere with your computer or mobile device using popular audio recording and amps and effects software! StudioJack Mini is a compact, multi-platform, device-powered, 24-bit audio interface with studio-quality sound. Includes a mono Hi-Z ¼ inch input for guitar or bass, stereo mic/line ¼ inch input for vocals or keyboards, two analog input level knobs with LED metering, a stereo ¼ inch output for headphones, plug-in power for electret microphones, and all the cables you need to plug into your compatible Mac, PC, iOS and Android phone or tablet.

Practice, record and play live with no worries about your iPhone or iPad battery life. StudioJack Mini provides pass through charging! Plug into a USB power port, and your iOS device can be fully charged when you finish playing!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Play Acoustic & Play Electric

Play Acoustic & Play Electric
Play Acoustic
Play Acoustic combines all the things you need to make a live acoustic performance shine: lavish vocal sounds, perfect backing harmonies, best-selling guitar effects, and unique processing that makes your six-string sing – in perfect harmony with your voice.   Play Acoustic treats your guitar with the respect it deserves. Tailor-made guitar FX from TC Electronic add a sweet touch of magic and our new BodyRez™ gives you a fuller, acoustic tone when you’re playing through a PA.

Whether you’re a shredder, blues picker or power soloist, Play Electric serves up tailor-made guitar FX from TC Electronic® that’ll light every note on fire. Electrify your guitar with bestselling effects from Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus and Vortex Flanger TonePrint pedals. Cool compression, detune, tremolo, distortion/overdrive pedal emulations - and more - round out the sonic smorgasbord.  Keep your vocals clean with a tight reverb and simple harmony or go all out with tasty delays, thick doubling, edgy HardTune, cool modulations, and raw distortions – the choice is yours. And don’t worry about setting the key for those harmonies; Play Electric follows your guitar chords automatically to keep things in tune and in time.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hitman Drums

HitMan Drums
We've added the Hitman series of digital drums to our electronic drums line-up.  The series includes:

  • Drum-1: this super-compact electronic drum kit by Hitman Jr. has a powerful Drum module, pre-mounted sensitive drum pads and an all-in-one configuration.
  • HD-3: the Hitman HD-3 portable electronic drum kit has a compact footprint and a folding drum frame design to allow for quick setup, break down and maximum portability.
  • HD-4: the Hitman HD-4 is an excellent choice for price-conscious drummers and aspiring players.
  • HD-10: the HD-10 Electronic Drum Set offers a full featured performance kit matched with excellent sound and features. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2 Day Shipping - only $5.99!

2 Day Shipping - only $5.99!

Need to make sure your gifts arrive in time for Christmas?  For a limited time (and while supplies last) we are offering a special flat rate $5.99 for 2 Day Shipping on selected products.  If you are in the US, you can find the complete list of eligible products here and if you are in Canada, click here for the list.

Christmas Gift Guide

       Christmas Gift Guide

Learn to Play Children

Learn to Play Children
Learn To Play - have someone who has always wanted to learn to play piano, guitar or sing?  Check out our Learn to Play guide for the perfect gift! Children - learning music is fun & easy!  Check out our fun software for kids.
Create Music Maschine
Create Music -- making your own music is easier than you think - and really, really fun!  Find something for everyone on your list. Stocking Stuffers - lots of great ideas to be found here!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Alesis SR 18 Drum Machine

Alesis SR 18 Drum Machine
RTE 2 Headphones 

Alesis knows drums. The SR-16 has dominated the drum machine market since 1990 and continues to be in demand today. The next-generation SR18 is loaded with cutting-edge drumsets, electronic drums, one-shot hits, and modern percussion sounds for any cutting-edge musician’s performances and compositions.

From hip-hop to country and everything in between, SR18 nails it on the first take. SR18 has an effects engine with Alesis reverb, EQ, and compression so you can output recording or performance-ready sounds.

Alesis' exclusive Dynamic Articulation™ technology modifies sample sounds so they change as you play them. This results in sounds that respond accurately not only to dynamic changes, but also with the appropriate timbral and color changes you'd expect from their acoustic counterparts.

You can plug in an instrument, such as a guitar, and play along for setup simplicity. You can play in bass parts using the pads on SR18 or connect a MIDI keyboard for fast, musical low end.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Samson Studio GT USB Monitors

Samson Studio GT USB Monitors
Samson Studio GT USB Monitors
Moving beyond the boundaries of a typical studio monitors, Studio GT combines exceptional monitoring performance with a USB audio interface, providing a complete desktop solution for recording audio to your computer.
Studio GT's professional, accurate monitoring is rendered by 4.25-inch magnetically shielded, inverted cone, copolymer woofer and its 1-inch silk dome high frequency driver. Equipped with 2 x 20 watts of internal power, Studio GT provides precise reproduction of highs and lows with the added convenience of a USB audio interface.
Studio GT houses two mic and instrument/line inputs along with gain control, clip LED, and two 1/8-inch stereo headphone outputs with independent level controls. Plus, we include a 2-position switch for no-latency direct mono and stereo monitoring. Designed to make home recording easy and professional, Studio GT includes Cakewalk® Sonar LE music production software for enhanced control over the development of your creations.

Given the system's versatile recording and monitoring solutions, Studio GT is capable of producing your next big hit in your computer-based studio, as well as performing to an optimal level in a variety of other applications.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Annual Upgrade for Pro Tools (without Support)

Annual Upgrade for Pro Tools (without Support)

Pro Tools UpgradeDon't have the latest version of Pro Tools, or is your year of free upgrades and support coming to an end?  You now have two options for upgrading!
Both options give you one full year of free upgrades to the latest version of Pro Tools.  The difference is that you can now choose if you want to also include free support (unlimited free on-line support and one call a month).  If you are a student or teacher, buy the Pro Tools Annual Upgrade with Support, as it is the same price as the option without support!

Don't have Pro Tools yet?  You can now purchase an affordable annual subscription with free support and upgrades, or a perpetual license that also includes one year of free support and upgrades.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

BeatBuddy Guitar Pedal Drum

BeatBuddy Guitar Pedal Drum
The BeatBuddy is the first drum machine with the simplicity of a pedal.  A live beat, hands-free!
Award-winning, ultra-realistic 24-bit recordings of real drummers. Beats are non-quantized (not set to a grid), making BeatBuddy the first drum machine to not sound like a machine.

Effortlessly insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, add accent hits, throw in drum breaks, and more, to create an unprecedented live drummer effect. Unlike backing tracks, BeatBuddy enables you to decide live what the beat does, fully hands-free.

With over 200 songs in 21 genres available right out of the box, you’ll be sure to find the beat you want. All time signatures are available, from 3/4 to 5/4 and 7/8 and beyond.

Chris Hein Horns price reduction

The popular Chris Hein Horns virtual instruments recently dropped in price - take advantage of the new pricing to add these great sounding virtual instruments to your library.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Samson RTE 2 Bluetooth Headphones

Samson RTE 2 Bluetooth Headphones
RTE 2 Headphones 
Samson's RTE 2 Bluetooth Headphones deliver immersive, studio-quality audio in a comfortable, low-profile design. Featuring Samson's signature digital voicing, the RTE 2s provide enhanced sonic detail with the freedom and reliability that defines Samson wireless performance.

The RTE 2 headphones use Samson's signature digital voicing to produce authentic, full-range audio with no added hype or coloration. While many headphones are designed to cut and/or boost frequencies for altered audio imaging, the RTE 2s replicate sound the way it was meant to be heard. The result is a true and fatigue-free listening experience.

Featuring premium 40mm drivers, the on-ear design of the RTE 2s minimizes noise from the outside world. This let's you lose yourself in dynamic, crystal clear audio. In addition, the headphones' low-profile, cushioned ear cups and adjustable headband provide an incredibly comfortable, secure fit no matter where you take them.

The RTE 2s feature a variety of controls on the right ear cup that allow you to move both forward and backward through your playlists, handle volume adjustments, as well as pause your music when the outside world requires your attention. Extra-ideal for use with smartphones, the RTE 2 headphones have an onboard microphone, as well as a Receive/End call button on the right ear cup, so you can take calls without ever having to touch your phone.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Celesonic US20x20

Celesonic US20x20
Tascam US-20x20
TASCAM’s Celesonic US-20x20 packs 20 channels of analog and digital I/O into a single rackspace with great sounding preamps and USB 3.0/2.0 connectivity. Eight Ultra-HDDA microphone preamps provide 56dB of gain and high headroom to make microphones sound their best. Up to ten channels of digital I/O are included on ADAT and S/PDIF connectors, with word clock also provided for use with external clocks like TASCAM’s CG-1000. MIDI I/O allows use with controllers and synthesizers, and sample rates up to 192kHz/24-bit are supported.

The TASCAM Celesonic US-20x20 is the first USB 3.0 interface to use class-compliant drivers for future-proof use with computers and tablets. A built-in DSP mixer includes parametric EQ and compression on every channel and a stereo reverb send for great-sounding monitor mixes. The DSP mixer can also be used as a live mixer or submixer with computer control. The US-20x20 has three operation modes – audio interface, digital mixer, and 8-channel digital mic preamp –for maximum flexibility.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Traktor Kontrol S5

Traktor Kontrol S5
Traktor Kontrol S5
TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 is the 4-deck all-in-one DJ controller built to feel familiar right from the start. Time-tested features fuse with innovative high-res displays and touch-sensitive controls to channel your creativity. And with essential Stems control, experience modern DJing in a compact, rock-solid system.
Get the crowd in motion from your first set with TRAKTOR KONTROL S5. The fusion of core TRAKTOR technology and the S5’s advanced touch-and-see workflow creates a brand new, yet familiar mixing experience – total TRAKTOR control designed for the modern DJ.

The robust touch-sensitive knobs control TRAKTOR software on two vivid high-res displays – so you stay focused on the mix. And LED-guided touch strips provide precise, natural-feeling pitch bend control to make you feel right in your element.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 features creative tools that empower your unique style when playing tracks. Slice, rearrange, and beatjump in perfect time with Hotcue, Flux, or Freeze modes using the 16 color-coded pads.

And for detailed remixing on-the-fly, explore the power of Remix Decks. Deconstruct and reconstruct your tracks at will using the performance pads, and create your signature sound.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Canada Only: Presonus Sale

Presonus 16.0.2 & AudioBox Music Creation Suite on Sale

  • The Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 is on sale for $1199.  The StudioLive series is both a digital mixer and an audio interface, complete with software and even an app for controlling the mixer from your iPad. 
  • If you aren't ready to invest $1200 in a recording solution, the AudioBox Music Creation Suite might be a good option to consider - it is only $349 and includes everything: a USB audio interface, recording software, notation software, a keyboard, headphones, and a mic!  They even include a powered USB hub and cables and mounts.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jamstik+ SmartGuitar

Jamstik+ SmartGuitar
The Jamstik+ is a BluetoothSmart enabled digital guitar with real strings and real frets. It works with your iPad®, iPhone® or Mac® and a multitude of music apps, including an interactive guitar lessons app series, so anyone from beginners to pros can just play. The Jamstik+ is hands-down the easiest and most fun way to learn guitar.

  • Worlds first digital SmartGuitar with wireless connectivity to iPhone®, iPad® & Mac®.
  • A finger sensing fretboard that shows you how to play chords.
  • Included interactive teaching apps that make learning fun.
  • Perfect portable size for travel, fits in any bag, briefcase, or carry-on.
  • Versatile and Accurate MIDI controller that can play any sound.
The "Smart" Guitar for Your Mobile Lifestyle
  • Take it on the road. Use it or lose it.. keep your skills up, and the luggage down.
  • Convenient Size. Jamstik is just over 16 inches and less than 2 pounds. How did we make it so small? By removing the frustration. 
  • Expand your sonic territory. The jamstik takes you to musical destinations your old guitar can’t go.
  • No tuning or intonation adjustments needed. The jamstik is always “in tune."
  • Versatility. Play your iPad, iPhone, or Mac as a real musical instrument with real strings and real frets.
  • Portability. The jamstik easily fits backpacks, carry-ons and gig bags.
  • Wireless. Play wherever you want.

Looking for a stand alone MIDI guitar that doesn't need an app and looks like a guitar?  Check out the You Rock Guitar.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Canada Only: Open Box Clearance

Open Box Clearance

While supplies last, we have clearance prices on select Open Box products.  These are brand new products, with full manufacturer warranty, but have been opened and the packaging may have a tear or rip in it.  I tested the Studiophile AV42 Monitors myself, and was reluctant to give it up for the sale as they sound awesome as desktop speakers!  We also have a few other clearance items available that you might want to check out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MIDI Thru 4 / Filter

MIDI Thru 4 / Filter
MIDI Thru 4 / Filter 
With the MIDI THRU 4/FILTER box, you can easily connect up to 4 MIDI expanders or MIDI devices to one keyboard!  You can connect up to 4 MIDI keyboards or MIDI hardware to one master keyboard.  The MIDI THRU 4/FILTER box works like a MIDI THRU box: it sends the incoming MIDI signal to all 4 MIDI THRU ports.

Additionally, you can filter multiple MIDI controllers, SysEx data, transpose keys or map the incoming MIDI channel to each MIDI channel you want.  The Miditech MIDI THRU 4/FILTER box is MIDI powered.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Toontrack Sale!

ToonTrack Promo: Free EZX with EZ Drummer, SDX & EZX on Sale, Superior Drummer On Sale!

ToonTrack has some great specials on until the end of December:

Friday, November 13, 2015

IK Multimedia Rig Special

IK Multimedia Rig Special

Ready to do some recording with your Android device, iPad or iPhone?  IK Multimedia's popular iRig series is on sale until the end of November:

  • iRig UA - guitar effects processor and interface for Android devices
  • iRig HD-A - easily record your guitar on your Android device
  • iRig Mic Cast - record high-quality podcasts with no background noise
  • iRig Voice - works with iPhones, iPads and Android devices - makes recording fun & easy!
  • iRig Mic - for your iPad or iPhone
  • iRig Mic Studio - awesome mic that works on everything!  iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android - just plug it in and start recording!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

MPD218, MPD226 and MPD232

MPD218, MPD226 and MPD232

Choose Your Weapon: Building on the success of the original, the feature-packed MPD2 Series gives you amazing creative musical ammo with Thick Fat backlit MPC pads, improved controls and new bundled software.

The MPD2 Series is a product of over six years of detailed customer research and user feedback. We asked what you wanted and we listened closely. We took what you told us and turned it into the most capable and user-friendly line of pad controllers Akai Professional has developed to date.  The series includes:

  • MPD232:
    • 64-part, 32-step sequencer to control pad events
    • 16 Thick Fat RGB illuminated velocity and pressure sensitive MPC pads
    • 64 assignable pads accessible via 4 banks
    • 8 assignable faders, 8 assignable Q-Link knobs, 8 assignable Q-Link buttons
    • 72 assignable controls accessible via 3 banks
  • MPD226:
    • 16 Thick Fat RGB illuminated velocity and pressure sensitive MPC pads
    • 64 assignable pads accessible via 4 banks
    • 4 assignable faders, 4 assignable Q-Link knobs, 4 assignable Q-Link buttons
    • 36 assignable controls accessible via 3 banks
  • MPD218:
    • 16 Thick Fat backlit MPC pads
    • 48 assignable pads accessible via 3 banks
    • 18 assignable 360-dgree potentiometers accessible via 3 banks

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

iConnect Audio4+

iConnect Audio4+

iConnect Audio4+Plug everything into one interface – your computers and iOS devices, high-res audio, MIDI, USB, 5-pin MIDI, mics, instruments, speakers, headphones…the iConnectAUDIO4+ integrates it all seamlessly. And it sounds amazing. 

From iConnectivity comes the world’s first audio and MIDI interface to support multiple iOS/PC/Mac computers at the same time. Make your iPad a touch-controlled plug-in in your DAW. Send dozens of MIDI and digital audio channels back and forth between two computers. Or run and record your entire studio from your iOS/PC/Mac by itself. It all becomes one integrated music machine.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

APC Mini & APC Key 25

APC Mini & APC Key 25
APC Mini - APC Minidexterous, versatile, and powerful, the only thing “mini” about this Ableton controller is the size. APC mini is the most portable all-in-one Ableton controller solution with Akai Pro build quality. Engineered specifically for the mobile musician and the desktop producer, APC mini concentrates the essential features of the APC40 mkII, Akai Pro’s flagship Ableton controller, into a compact design that fits in your backpack. The result is a dynamic instrument that empowers you to make music with Ableton Live—anywhere.

APC Key 25 - APC Key 25designed for the performing musician or the conventional composer, APC Key 25 is the first Ableton Live controller from Akai Professional that is equipped with a high-performance keyboard. Uniting the power of a clip-launching panel with a keyboard interface, APC Key 25 couples real-time control of Ableton Live with traditional composition tools: create melodies, compose bass lines, and play chords with 25 synth-action mini keys. Plus, dedicated buttons for Octave Up, Octave Down, and Sustain expand the expressive capabilities of the keyboard, enabling you to tap into the full melodic range and perform with classic piano-style sustain.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pro Tools S3

Pro Tools S3
Pro Tools | S3 is a compact, EUCON-enabled, ergonomic desktop control surface that offers a streamlined yet versatile mixing solution for the modern sound engineer. Like S6, S3 delivers intelligent control over every aspect of Pro Tools and other DAWs, but at a more affordable price. While its small form factor makes it ideal for space-confined or on-the-go music and post mixing, it packs enormous power and accelerated mixing efficiency for faster turnarounds, making it the perfect fit everywhere, from project studios to the largest, most demanding facilities.

Experience the deep and versatile DAW control that only Avid can deliver. With its intelligent, ergonomic design and full EUCON support, S3 puts tightly integrated recording, editing, and mixing control at your fingertips, enabling you to work smarter and faster—with your choice of DAWs—to expand your mixing capabilities and job opportunities. And because S3 is application-aware, you can switch between different DAW sessions in seconds. Plus, its compact footprint fits easily into any space, giving you full reign of the “sweet spot.”

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Emotional Cello

Emotional Cello
Enotional Cello 
Emotional Cello is a new kind of virtual instrument, created by Harmonic Subtones, a Munich based developer team, to be used with Native Instrument's Kontakt 5 Player. Because of its powerful and simultaneously exceptional emotional sound, it opens up previously unknown verbal dimensions for the work with samples.

Emotional Cello is the perfect instrument for film-scoring, pop-production, song-writing, classic and modern avant-garde cello compositions. This unique virtual instrument shines by its impressive number of articulations, its direct uncolored sound quality, unusual play techniques and innovative rebowing.

Emotional Cello has been continuously recorded in a musical context to capture the natural bowing and the individual expressions of real instrumentalists. Thanks to intelligent scripting, 16 play-styles and true legato, this library offers immense versatile possible applications. Emotional Cello offers all typical play-styles and articulations as well as unusual techniques.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mixdeck Express

Mixdeck Express
Mixdeck Express

There are few controllers that can claim to play just about anything, but Mixdeck Express is certainly one of them. Mixdeck Express is a full-featured DJ controller that comes complete with Serato DJ Intro software, two CD decks, dual USB flash drives, and a fully integrated three-channel mixer.  Mixdeck Express features industry-standard MIDI control and a built-in audio interface to allow you to DJ seamlessly with your computer. It’s gig-ready—everything you need to connect to a sound system is built right in, including balanced XLR outs, two 1/4" balanced mic inputs and 1/8" and 1/4" headphone output. Cue, Brake, reverse and scratching are also standard issue features on Mixdeck Expresss, so every performance is uniquely yours to create.

The professional decks on Mixdeck Express feature large touch sensitive platters for mixing and scratching so every nuance of your performance starts reaching the audience the moment your fingers touch the platters. Seamless looping helps you put your own identity on any track live. Mixdeck Express' built-in mixer with three-channel EQ, rotary kills replaceable crossfader and external inputs helps you mix in external playback devices or an additional microphone. Anti-Shock™ buffered skip-protection technology is included too so the audience hears a perfect show every time and you never miss a beat.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

FocusRite Clarett Audio Interfaces

FocusRite Clarett Audio Interfaces
Looking for a Thunderbolt audio solution?  The Focusrite Clarett series has a range of options all of which include high-end pre-amps, a world class dynamic range and 24 bit, 192Khz sample rates.   The Clarett range features brand new transformer-modeled preamps, crystal clear conversion, and interface latency so negligible that you can monitor and track within your software without any noticeable delay.

  • Clarett 8PreX: designed for studio installation with 26 in and 28 outs
  • Clarett 8Pre: for project studios with 18 inputs and 20 outputs
  • Clarett 4Pre: four mic pre's, two headphone outputs and S/PDIF I/O
  • Clarett 2Pre: when you only need 2 mic pre's but want the power of ThunderBolt

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Numark HF Wireless Headphones

Numark HF Wireless Headphones
HF Wireless 
Be free to Move! Eliminate that restrictive cable with Numark's high-performance wireless headphones!

Music is who you are, right? You live it, you breathe it, and it’s central to everything you do. That means your headphones are indispensable. You gig with your headphones and you relax during your down time with your headphones. Now, with the HF Wireless Headphones, you can do both without carrying two sets with you and switching them around. That’s because these phones work two ways—with a cable for your professional DJ work and wirelessly for your relaxation time.
The HF Wireless Headphones free you from the restrictions of a traditional fixed-length headphone cable and let you move while you’re listening.

Conventional wireless headphones are a compromise. Their audio quality isn’t up to the task or their wireless range is restricted or their wireless reception is noisy and full of static. The Numark HF Wireless headphones provide superb audio performance, great wireless range and an “all night long” battery that really delivers on its promise. This is what you demand, the performance and comfort that not only meets our expectations—it meets yours!

Thursday, October 15, 2015



GuitaRFThe guitaRF acts as an RF (Reflexion Filter®), an isolator, a double mic stand, and fine-positioning hardware for both your favorite large-diaphragm condenser or ribbon mic AND a dynamic or small-capsule mic. All in one piece of gear, with the ability to perfectly phase-align the two capsules for maximum impact.

The LDC/ribbon mounting hardware is adjustable across three axes - vertical, depth, and lateral - so you can find the perfect spot for any mic, whether in a shockmount or just on a clip.  This allows you to position both capsules perfectly in phase - or to spread them apart to capture the sounds of both the edge of the cone and the dust cap.

The entire filter + mic assembly can also be moved up and down to position it precisely over the perfect spot on the speaker cone - or, if needed, the filter can be removed from its base and mounted on any mic stand for complete flexibility.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Organum Venezia

Organum Venezia
Organum Venezia

Organum Venezia is a virtual church organ, recorded near Venice, Italy which reflects the characteristics and sound of a typical French romantic organ like they were built by Cavaillé-Coll and Puget.

When I was a kid, I loved Bach's Toccata (and also the fugue) in d minor.  I was impressed with the sound of the Organum Venezia in this MP3 sample (although the performance itself isn't my favorite, it is hard to believe it wasn't recorded on a real organ.)

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Go mobile without losing control. The MPK mini is an ultra-compact keyboard controller designed for the traveling musician and the desktop producer. With an array of hardware controls, MPK mini lets you record, compose, and perform with virtual instruments, effect plugins, and DAWs whenever inspiration strikes. It features 25 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys, a 4-way thumbstick for dynamic pitch and modulation manipulation, 8 backlit velocity-sensitive MPC-style pads, and 8 assignable Q-Link knobs. Plus, two banks expand the number of MPC-style pads to 16 for extended creative capabilities.

MPK mini includes all the essentials for quickly laying down and expanding upon your musical ideas. Dedicated Octave Up and Down buttons increase the keyboard to the full melodic range, and a sustain pedal input is built in for expressive playing and recording. An onboard arpeggiator with adjustable resolution, range, and modes makes it easy to create intricate melodic lines with little effort. Plus, MPC Note Repeat and Full Level allow users to access genuine technologies from Akai Professional’s line of MPC workstations.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Buy 1, Get 1 50% off on Presonus Eris E5 and E8 Studio Monitors

For a limited time, buy 1 Eris E5 or Eris E8 Studio Monitors from Presonus and get the 2nd at 50% off.  Since you'll need to order two anyway (they are sold individually), this is a great way to add some awesome studio monitors to your set up.  The discount will show up when you add two to your cart.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Numark NV

Numark NV
Numark NV
The Numark NV reimagines the hardware-software experience for the professional DJ. At the heart of NV's sleek, compact chassis is a set of 4.3-inch full-color screens that provide 1:1, real-time feedback of Serato DJ; complete with spinning Virtual Decks, effects (FX), Cue points, waveforms and more. DJs can perform with the laptop closed or out of sight without sacrificing functionality and experience the best of the Serato DJ software experience within critically acclaimed Numark hardware.

Providing four decks of dynamic control, NV’s screens also provide library navigation and detailed waveforms respective to each deck. Need to load a new song on deck 4 while monitoring the waveforms on deck 1? Easy. NV gives you the info you need on command. Even better, eye travel from the laptop screen to the controller is eliminated for seamless operation.

Friday, October 2, 2015

BabyFace Pro

BabyFace Pro
The exciting new Babyface Pro once again demonstrates RME’s absolute commitment to superior craftsmanship, not only in audio circuits and driver development, but also in mechanics. Created with the highest precision from a block of aluminum, this high-end yet portable interface incorporates newly designed analog and digital circuits. Its innovative energy saving technologies provide supreme fidelity with no compromises in level, noise or distortion.

Babyface Pro’s incredibly efficient design almost never requires an external power supply – it’s perfectly stable on USB 3 bus power, and also most USB 2 ports, with no degradation in any technical specification. This makes it perfect for mobile recording, even with a pair of your favorite condenser microphones.

  • 12 Input and 12 Output channels
  • 4 x Analog Inputs (Mic, Line, Instrument)
  • 4 x Analog Outputs (2 x XLR, 2 x Phones)
  • 1 x ADAT I/O or 1 x SPDIF I/O optical
  • 1 x MIDI I/O
  • 1 x USB 2.0 (USB 3 compatible)
  • Digital Gain control on all inputs
  • Separate outputs for high and low impedance headphones

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Multimix 10 Wireless

Multimix 10 Wireless
Multimix 10 Wirelesss

The Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless is redefining the rackmount mixer category. Compact and complete, the MultiMix 10 Wireless delivers ten-channel mixing in a neat 3U package that is perfect for smaller clubs and venues, houses of worship, as well as mobile/traveling systems. The MultiMix 10 Wireless benefits from an array of easily accessible front panel jacks that enhance the versatility and usefulness of this generously equipped mixer. Topping off the feature list is a channel dedicated to receiving the stereo playback from any Bluetooth device. The MultiMix 10 Wireless is a new breed of rackmount mixer.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

M-Audio Code 25/49/61Keyboard

M-Audio Code 25/49/61Keyboard
M-Audio Code

M-Audio Code Series keyboard controllers is a family of three full-featured models, combining all of the production power and performance you need to get the most from your music software and MIDI gear.  The Code Series offers several thoughtful design touches that enable you to create and perform your best. A keyboard should not be an obstacle standing in the way of creativity. Instead, it should function as a direct extension of your thoughts ensuring that you convey musical ideas with immediacy, precision and clarity.

All Code keyboards—25, 49 and 61 key models—have an all-new keybed with action that is clean, and precise. The natural profile keys are both velocity- and pressure-sensitive, for maximum expressivity.

Code controllers are equipped with everything you need to produce some serious musical creations. Extensive assignable parameter control is a breeze with multiple banks of faders, knobs, buttons, pads, and a smooth feeling pitch bend and modulation wheel on top. New to the line of M-Audio controllers is the X/Y Touchpad, which provides additional and direct interaction with effects and instrument plugin parameters across an X/Y axis.

In addition, the keyboards can be split into four assignable zones to maximize the flexibility and functionality of your setup. (ie: trigger four different instruments in their own separate zone, or overlap zones and trigger two instruments at the same time).

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

iRig PowerBridge

iRig PowerBridge

iRig PowerBridgeThe iRig PowerBridge, is a continuous charging system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and digital iRig accessories. Featuring an ultra-low noise audiophile grade power conditioner, comprehensive connection options and other advanced features, it’s the easiest way to plug-in and keep your iOS device charged while practicing or performing with your favorite 30-pin or Lightning compatible digital IK gear.

iRig PowerBridge combines a power supply and an ultra-low noise audiophile-grade power conditioner that connects to a power outlet on one end and a Lightning or 30-pin iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on the other. Between both ends is a female Mini-DIN connector that can be used to connect any digital iRig accessory with a Mini-DIN or Micro-USB port. Through this connection, iRig PowerBridge allows continuous charging while also passing along audio and MIDI information between the digital iRig accessory and the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

RTE X Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

RTE X Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
Samson unites its experience in professional acoustic design with the latest ambient noise filtration technology to introduce the new RTE X Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. Featuring a lightweight, over-ear design with ultra-soft cushioning, the RTE X headphones are ideal for enjoying powerful, studio-quality audio with superior sonic clarity in loud environments and extended travel settings.

The RTE Xs feature premium 40mm drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets. Upon activation, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology enables the headphone drivers to create 20dB (90%) of external noise reduction. As a result, you’ll hear all the nuances of your music as sound engineers and producers originally intended.

When necessary interruptions arise, the RTE X headphones are equipped with a specialized 1-touch Monitor feature. This temporarily disables the ANC for when your attention is needed. The ANC can be used for over 20 hours via a single AAA battery. For increased portability, both ear cups pivot 90° to allow the RTE Xs to sit flat within the included protective zippered carry case.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

EZKeys Pipe Organ

EZKeys Pipe Organ
EZKeys Pipe Organ

EZkeys is more than a piano or keyboard instrument – it’s a powerful songwriting tool. It comes packed with intuitive functionality that will make it a breeze adding creative layers of music to your songs or writing custom pieces from scratch.

The EZkeys Pipe Organ sound library features the majestic organ found at Sweden’s Täby Kyrka, an historic church dating back to the thirteenth century. It was designed to fit the songwriting-friendly format of EZkeys and includes the most characteristic pipe organ stops and instruments. On top of that, it comes with a generous selection of presets, allowing you to take this epic instrument from its most traditional use to painting completely new, creative musical landscapes.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Elevate 5 Studio Monitors

Elevate 5 Studio Monitors
Elevate 5

Alesis Elevate 5 studio speakers enable you to listen to mixes, masters and multimedia content with impressive clarity and warm, full sound. Built using technology adopted from Alesis’ award-winning Monitor One and M1Active professional studio monitors, Elevate 5 studio speakers are the perfect way to upgrade your computer or mobile device experience.

Elevate 5 speakers bring out every detail of your sound, unencumbered and crystal clear. Their custom wooden cabinets have a dense construction that provides natural bass. Packaged in stereo-matched sets, Elevate 5 studio speakers deliver everything you need, all in one box.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

iRig Mic Field

iRig Mic Field

iRig Mic FieldNow anyone can make high-quality stereo recordings while on the move: Introducing iRig Mic Field, the pocket-sized digital stereo microphone for Apple’s range of Lightning-compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Designed to be used for both video and audio recordings, it features a patent-pending rotatable enclosure that you can easily position for the best stereo image in both landscape and portrait orientations. Now you can capture pristine sound no matter whether you’re recording a rehearsal or a concert, capturing audio for videography, acquiring audio for a music project, recording instruments while on the move, saving a lecture or speech or creating your next viral video hit. iRig Mic Field lets you create accurate and faithful field recordings in any imaginable context.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

eMedia Music Theory Tutor

eMedia Music Theory Tutor

eMedia Music Theory TutoreMedia Music Theory Tutor Complete includes over 430 engaging music theory lessons organized to teach the crucial musical elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony.   Learn music theory by using images, audio, interactivity, and practical music theory examples. The complete music theory curriculum can take a student from basic music theory for beginners all the way to intermediate-to-advanced music theory.
  • Learn music theory with a step-by-step curriculum designed by Dr. Gregory Simon, who has a Ph.D. in music composition from University of Michigan and has taught at the University of Colorado.
  • Both music theory lessons and ear training in one great course.
  • Exercises feature graphics, interactivity, and sound to make learning easier.
  • Intelligent Practice that tracks your progress and selects questions to improve weak spots.
You can also purchase just Volume 1 (Levels 1-5), and then add Volume 2 later on (levels 6-9), but you know you want to "learn it all", then getting the Complete kit saves you money!

Check out all of our helpful theory software here, or contact us for assistance!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mixtrack 3 & Mixtrack Pro 3

Mixtrack 3 & Mixtrack Pro 3
Mixtrack 3
From Numark the world’s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, comes the incredible Mixtrack 3 and Mixtrack 3 Pro DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. It’s the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions.

The Mixtrack controller offers a whole host of features and performance that sets it way above conventional DJ controllers, yet it offers great bang-for-the-buck and it’s a snap to take anywhere. 
Numark has kept everything you loved about the Mixtrack II, and added even more!  For example, 100mm pitch sliders that make it easy to perform even the finest pitch adjustments, so it’s easy to keep two cuts in perfect beat sync without any drift. Other people’s 60mm pitch sliders can’t come close to matching this performance. The Mixtrack 3 makes you look and sound great!

Mixtrack 3 Pro includes Serato DJ Intro instead of Virtual DJ LE, and is completely plug-and-play.  It also includes a built in audio system, so you've got everything you need in one package!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Music Ace Maestro Sale

Music Ace Maestro Sale

Music Ace MaestroMusic Ace Maestro is our favourite teacher tool for helping students learn about music literacy.  If you are a teacher, you can get Music Ace Maestro at a reduced price until the end of the month.

Music Ace Maestro will track up to 240 students on one computer and includes an excellent teacher guide with reproducible award certificates and a detailed matrix of what students are learning in each lesson.  It also includes lesson plans, listening activities and more! 

If you aren't a teacher, but want to learn to read music, or have kids that want to learn to play an instrument, check our the less expensive Music Ace Deluxe which is designed for home use.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vintage Accordion

Vintage Accordion
Vintage Accordion
Vintage Accordion is a new virtual instrument based on a vintage Italian accordion made in Castelfidardo in the 1960s.

Here is how the author explains his creation: To realize it I made a deep study about its special sound. I love that sound and all its expressive variations! To capture its soul I worked with amazing technical tools (from microphones to sound card, from editing software to developement system)! I recorded, edited and looped almost 1300 waveforms for a total of 2GB of memory storage. All samples are perfectly looped. I recorded all the registers of my accordion, all the keys for 4 velocity layers and 2 round robin. I adopted a filter to simulate the harmonic variation of sounds during its dynamic range. I separately recorded the key-on and key-off noises for a more realistic sound! Now I can tell: "Yes! This is its real sound!".       

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MXL Mics

MXL Mics
MXL Mics
We are excited to add MXL mics to our mic line up!  MXL mics deliver high quality sound on par with far more expensive mics. MXL microphones can be used on stage live in concert or in a garage, home studio or rehearsal space.

If you've been looking for an affordable mic to add to your collection, take a look at what MXL offers.  Their R144, for examples, offers a super affordable way to take advantage of the unique properties of a ribbon mic.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Studiophile AV-32 & AV-42

Studiophile AV-32 & AV-42
Studiophile AV042
Upgrade your sound with the Studiophile AV-32 or AV-42 from M-Audio.  The acoustically-inert MDF cabinets eliminate clarity-robbing resonances. Inside, Class A/B amplification provides 20 Watts of power per channel on the AV-42 and 10 Watts for the AV-32. The two-way design features an optimized bass reflex design and OptImage IV waveguides to deliver extended bass and crystal-clear highs.

Offering both a 1/8-inch stereo jack and RCA inputs, the AV32 and AV42 speakers are compatible with all your gear, including your tablet, computer, or mobile device. The convenient headphone output allows you to work privately at any hour. Ideal for producing all kinds of media, the AV32 and AV42 monitors are also perfect for gaming, watching videos, and listening to music. Cables are included.

Personally, I would recommend the AV-42 - you may not need the extra 10 watts but the 4" driver makes a big difference to clarity and imaging.  You won't regret the extra $50!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Piano Ace Clearance

Piano Ace Clearance

Piano Ace
Here's a secret for you - Piano Ace (on clearance for $19.31) is the same as our very popular Music Ace Deluxe ($69.99), except that Piano Ace doesn't include the Doodle Pad.

That means that you still get all 36 fun and exciting lessons and games for teaching students how to read music.  As a music teacher myself, I believe that Piano Ace is the most effective way to learn to read music while developing aural skills - and as a parent, I believe that it is the most fun!