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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ketron MidJay Pro

Ketron MidJay Pro
MidJay ProThe Ketron Midjay Pro is designed predominantly as a solo musician's assistant, the perfect tool a solo Guitarist or instrumentalist can use to face the competitive DJ world.

The MidJay Pro features a large touch screen - so lyrics to tunes can be displayed. The Midjay Pro can be 'trained' during the first pass to automatically change the page of the lyrics as any song is played (most other units like iPads, etc require manual control each time which means interruption during performance). The display can also be sent to an external monitor or projector to share with audience.

It can be used by most solo musician artists (Guitar, Keyboards, Horns, Accordions) as it provides excellent LIVE backing tracks, either assign the built in styles or sequences imported by the user. It's Midi player and flexible Audio (Mp3 and Wave) player gives full control to the musician once more and all this without a laptop, iPad or any other external device. It's the one Midi and Audio backing sequencer, Arranger, Live Drum Machine and Sound Module all in one Hardware for today's demanding musician.

It's very small size makes it extremely versatile and portable. Avoid all those airline charges and take this 7lbs studio/band anywhere live sound is requested and appreciated. It's also a lot easier and cheaper to get this to incorporate with you at a gig or rehearsal than the 4-5 other musicians it replaces!

Powerful Song Book/Registration. At home, set up all your parameters (drums, sequences, tempo, voices ...etc) for a specific song and store these as Registrations (Song settings). At the gig or in the studio, simply recall these settings at the push of a button and play. With it's built in SSD, speed and reliability are like no other machine in it's class.

On board recording to HD. This allows you to record all your actions and performances instantly to HD as a high quality stereo audio file which you can later master or burn to CD. This is a great feature especially for houses of worship where recording every praise and worship session counts.

Built in Vocalizer - Instantly add expression, Auto pitch correction or harmonies to either your voice or your guitar as you perform or record in the studio. The built in vocalizer tracks your music offering professional pitch control. Use your Midi instrument (such as Guitar or Accordion or controller) or an external pedal (if playing an a acoustic instrument) to enter chords and the harmonies to follow you in real time, and they sound human!

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