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Thursday, August 28, 2014

iKlip Xpand & Xpand Mini

iKlip XpandThe iKlip Xpand and Xpand Mini feature a patented expandable holding bracket with a soft rubber contact surface that adjusts to the width of your device providing a safe and secure way to hold your tablet firmly. With iKlip Xpand, you can position your device exactly where you want it and rest assured it will stay in place.  

It's every musician's nightmare: You're on stage. You're performing. But then something goes terribly wrong and your smartphone which you're using to perform suddenly crashes to the floor and its screen splinters into a million little glass pieces. It's enough to give anyone a heart attack. Now you can alleviate your fears and perform with confidence thanks to IK's new iKlip Xpand Mini. It's an adjustable smartphone holder that uses expandable grips that can hold most smartphone sizes securely. Its rubberized "Gorilla Grip" technology holds your mobile device on a microphone stand, and its ball joint design allows for infinite adjustment so you'll always have an optimal viewing angle.  

iKlip Xpand features several breakthrough technologies that allow it to hold virtually any tablet with a screen size from 7" to 12.1". You can even use it without removing the protective case of many of your favorite devices.

iKlip Xpand Mini features several breakthrough technologies that allows it to hold virtually any smartphone with a screen size of 3.5" to 6". You can even use it without removing the protective case of many of your favorite devices.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Notion 5

Notion 5
Notion 5PreSonus Notion is famed for outstanding playback sounds, speedy workflow, compatibility, and ease of use, and it's the only notation software that works with a standalone iPad app. It offers powerful features for scoring to picture.   Notion 5 is now available, with a new video window, new effects, a better chord library, and many publishing improvements.

Hear Your Music Played by World-Class Musicians.
Notion gives you by far the best playback of any notation product, including orchestral samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. But that’s just the beginning of its playback features.

Notion has many strengths but it’s best known for superb playback. The orchestral samples were recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Guitar samples were performed by Neil Zaza, bass samples by Victor Wooten, and drum samples by Roy “Futureman” Wooten. There’s a wonderful Steinway piano, too. All were painstakingly recorded by top engineers using the best equipment. You get a wide array of dynamics, articulations, and performance techniques.

Although Notion comes with a generous sound library, you are by no means limited to the included sounds. Buy high-quality, yet inexpensive new Notion add-on instrument packs from the ever-increasing library at the PreSonus Marketplace. Use your favorite VST instruments and libraries, too, they work great with Notion.

If you buy Notion, you can also take advantage of the discounted competitive upgrade pricing on Sibelius and Finale!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

iZotope RX On Sale plus Free Upgrade!

iZotope RX On Sale plus Free Upgrade!

iZotope's RX3 audio restoration software will be upgraded to RX4 sometime in September.  If you purchase now, not only do you get a free upgrade, but it is on sale too!  If you've been looking for a way to repair damaged recordings, check out the videos on the "Downloads" tab and I think you will be amazed by what it can do!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School Guide Now Live!

Back to School Guide

Back to school, back to music!  Use our Back to School Guide below to find everything you need to teach, learn and create music.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Elevate 6 Premium Active Studio Monitors

Elevate 6 Premium Active Studio Monitors
Elevate 6Alesis has been creating studio monitors for over two decades, and, in that time, they have learned a thing or two about maximizing sound and sonic clarity. Elevate 6, a professional active studio monitor from Alesis, builds upon this time-tested technology by leveraging premium audio components with a response that can keep up with today’s music. With a high-quality reference monitor design, Elevate 6 helps you record, mix, listen, and create with confidence.

The Alesis Elevate 6 is an active, bi-amplified (50+25 Watts) studio monitor that delivers a flat frequency response, clear stereo imaging, and excellent bass transient response for professional mixing and monitoring. Equipped with a 6” woven Kevlar low-frequency driver, 1” natural silk dome tweeter, and precison-calibrated dual amplifiers, Elevate 6 delivers high-powered sound that stays accurate and clean across a wide frequency range. Its enhanced elliptical waveguides widen the sweet spot for consistent, stereo listening and enable you to make adjustments to your mix that translate perfectly to any playback system. Plus, the baffle radiuses were meticulously designed to reduce edge diffraction. The result is clean transparent sound that enables you to mix, accurately.

Elevate 6 comes with an onboard HF and LF trim switches, giving you a professional reference monitor setup that adapts to your production environment. With -2db, 0db, and 2db settings, you can quickly adjust Elevate 6 to fit the acoustics of any sized room or studio, especially when it's situated close to a studio wall. A balanced XLR+1/4" combo input and an unbalanced RCA input connect Elevate 6 to your favorite audio equipment. Elevate 6 is ERP-compliant and has an automatic shut-off feature that powers down the monitor when it's not in use.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ketron MidJay Pro

Ketron MidJay Pro
MidJay ProThe Ketron Midjay Pro is designed predominantly as a solo musician's assistant, the perfect tool a solo Guitarist or instrumentalist can use to face the competitive DJ world.

The MidJay Pro features a large touch screen - so lyrics to tunes can be displayed. The Midjay Pro can be 'trained' during the first pass to automatically change the page of the lyrics as any song is played (most other units like iPads, etc require manual control each time which means interruption during performance). The display can also be sent to an external monitor or projector to share with audience.

It can be used by most solo musician artists (Guitar, Keyboards, Horns, Accordions) as it provides excellent LIVE backing tracks, either assign the built in styles or sequences imported by the user. It's Midi player and flexible Audio (Mp3 and Wave) player gives full control to the musician once more and all this without a laptop, iPad or any other external device. It's the one Midi and Audio backing sequencer, Arranger, Live Drum Machine and Sound Module all in one Hardware for today's demanding musician.

It's very small size makes it extremely versatile and portable. Avoid all those airline charges and take this 7lbs studio/band anywhere live sound is requested and appreciated. It's also a lot easier and cheaper to get this to incorporate with you at a gig or rehearsal than the 4-5 other musicians it replaces!

Powerful Song Book/Registration. At home, set up all your parameters (drums, sequences, tempo, voices ...etc) for a specific song and store these as Registrations (Song settings). At the gig or in the studio, simply recall these settings at the push of a button and play. With it's built in SSD, speed and reliability are like no other machine in it's class.

On board recording to HD. This allows you to record all your actions and performances instantly to HD as a high quality stereo audio file which you can later master or burn to CD. This is a great feature especially for houses of worship where recording every praise and worship session counts.

Built in Vocalizer - Instantly add expression, Auto pitch correction or harmonies to either your voice or your guitar as you perform or record in the studio. The built in vocalizer tracks your music offering professional pitch control. Use your Midi instrument (such as Guitar or Accordion or controller) or an external pedal (if playing an a acoustic instrument) to enter chords and the harmonies to follow you in real time, and they sound human!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Voice Karaoke

My Voice Karaoke
My Voice KaraokeKaraoke Software That Lets You Sing Karaoke and Create Custom Mixes Using The Music You Already Own! 

With My Voice Karaoke, there’s no need to buy special karaoke versions of songs that you already own. This innovative Windows and Mac karaoke software simply lets you import tracks from your iTunes library, audio CDs, video files, and/or recordings from internet radio stations. My Voice Karaoke is one of the best karaoke software products available, because it acts as karaoke maker software that suppresses the lead vocal from your own recordings, (Vocal removal technology is accurate for about 80% of the audio CDs on the market today. My Voice Karaoke cannot remove vocals from live recordings and/or very old recordings).

My Voice Karaoke will automatically search the internet for lyrics to your favorite songs, or you can add the words and synchronize them to the music yourself. Use your computer’s microphone to sing karaoke along with your favorite recordings, and the karaoke software even adds some great sounding reverb to give your voice extra depth. Show the world your vocal abilities by taking a laptop out for a live performance, or record your performance and share it with your friends!

My Voice Karaoke even lets you change the pitch of the song higher or lower to fit your vocal range, and makes the song easier to sing. Additionally, song tempos (speed) can also be changed, in case you want to create a more up-beat dance version of a track. It couldn’t be easier to perform or record your own versions of the songs that you love with this great karaoke software!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

K&M iPad Air Holder

K&M iPad Air Holder
iPad Air HolderThe clever way to display your iPad Air!  The K&M iPad Air Holder holds an iPad Air securely and comfortably. Whether on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home, the strong prismatic element with its ergonomic clamping screw allows the iPad Air holder to be attached quickly and easily to any tubes up to 30 mm diameter

The iPad Air snaps in and out of the holder effortlessly. The pivoting range is second to none, allowing the user the iPad Air position of their choice.  The swivel movement can be adjusted from free to resistant. The iPad switches rapidly between the vertical and horizontal format without slipping.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

ToonTrack EZX On Sale

Until the end of the month you can save on EZX Expansions for EZ Drummer!  These are delivered electronically, so there is no shipping charge.  If you still haven't upgraded to EZ Drummer 2, you can do so here.