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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prodipe Headphones

Prodipe Headphones
Prodipe Headphones
Prodipe is known for exceptional products at amazingly low prices.  Their PRO 980 and PRO 880 monitor headphones are no exception!
The Pro 880 is entirely closed and designed for perfect and precise monitoring, for professional musicians, studios and home-studios.

- Type: Closed-back
- Impedance: 32O
- Sensitivity: 96±3dB
- Frequency Response: 10H-35kHz
- Max. Power:1500mW
- Cable: about 3 M Plug: Ø3.5mm+Ø6.3mm stereo

Features of the Pro 980:
- Elegant design
- Dynamic sound
- Perfect balance with deep bass, solid mid range and crisp highs
- Extra comfort with adjustable headband and leather ear cushions
- Completely collapsible
- Supplied in a semi-rigid case

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

M-Audio HDH50 Hi-Def Headphones

M-Audio HDH50 Hi-Def Headphones
HDH50Don't mind paying moreo for HiDef?  Building upon M-Audio’s world-class reference monitor technology, the HDH50 high-definition headphones bridge the gap between studio monitor engineering and private audio. Incorporating premium audio components into a rugged, durable design, HDH50 delivers critical sound reproduction and audio isolation for use in professional recording and monitoring environments. The over-the-ear design helps reduce fatigue during extended studio sessions, and the plush padding ensures that the HDH50 stays secured. For music production and listening, the HDH50 headphones deliver purpose-built, high-fidelity sound.

Superior Frequency Response
Expertly tuned and optimized for impressive audio clarity, the HDH50 headphones feature powerful, 50mm neodymium drivers for full-range frequency response. These extra-large drivers offer authentic bass response and allow producers to make accurate mix adjustments to the low end in private listening environments. Built with a rugged aluminum and steel construction, HDH50 gives producers and listeners high-definition sound in a headphone that's built to last.

Fatigue-Free Listening
HDH50 was developed for musicians and engineers who desire fatigue-free listening and maximum comfort during long recording, mixing, and listening sessions. Its closed-back construction is ideal for those long hours spent in the studio and helps reduce signal bleed to neighboring microphones for cleaner tracking. Overstuffed padding on the ear cups and headband provide unparalleled comfort during demanding recording sessions, and the ear cups completely surround the ears for excellent audio isolation.

Full-Range Frequency Response
With an expansive 12Hz-24kHz frequency range, there’s more than enough frequency range for creating, mixing, or monitoring any project. HDH50 is capable of producing the entire human frequency range, from low bass frequencies to crystal-clear highs, for reliable sound reproduction. Additionally, HDH50 creates an accurate stage-wide stereo image for precise mixing and instrument placement. With HDH50, you get the technology of a close-range monitoring system with the benefits, convenience, and comfort of headphones.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fireface 802

Fireface 802
Fireface 802
The Fireface 802 renews RME’s reputation built on the legendary Fireface 800. 60 channels of audio, high-end microphone preamps, reference class converters, a complete effects section and operation at up to 192 kHz are the base for many more features.

The FireFace 802 features ultra-low latency operation with USB or FireWire and includes the legendary RME driver stability and maintenance.   Featuring active jitter suppression, and individually switchable reference levels for all inputs and outputs, along with full stand-alone functionality, the FireFace 802 also includes RME’s unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox, and identical operation on Windows PC and Mac.

RME also provides TotalMix FX, their digital high-end mixer and signal router, driven by two powerful DSPs, with integrated EQ, Dynamics and Reverb/Echo effects at up to 192 kHz, plus a built-in monitoring controller.

The full-blown feature set also includes optional Class Compliant mode and operation with TotalMix FX for iPad, RME’s app to fully control the 802 from the iPad, without any computer. The easy to use app includes metering for all 90 channels plus effects bus, different setup screens, and complete control of all features.

The Fireface 802 is a highly integrated pro audio solution, a full-blown studio, all within a 19” enclosure. An interface designed for users who don’t want to make compromises in sound, stability and ultra-low latency operation, and who long for an unrivaled professional feature set. Once again a milestone interface from RME, including the best of the best and even a bit more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Buy Sonar X3 Producer, Get Z3TA+ 2 Free!

Sonar X3 ProducerBuy Sonar X3 Producer, Get Z3TA+ 2 Free!

Even if you already have recording software, you might be interested in this promo.  Simply buy Sonar X3 Producer before the end of June and Cakewalk will give you Z3TA+ 2 for free!  Sonar X3 integrates really well with Windows 8, and if you have a touch-enabled PC or tablet, then you will love Sonar X3!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Save up to $300 with Mail In Rebates!

Save up to $300 with Mail In Rebates!

Lots of great mail in rebates to tell you about this month:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Up to 50% off EastWest Products

EastWestUp to 50% off EastWest Products

Almost all of EastWest's popular virtual instruments are on sale until the end of June for around 50% off the regular price!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June is Mail In Rebates Month!

Lots of great mail in rebates to tell you about this month:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PCDJ Red Mobile 2 & PCDJ Karaoki

PCDJ Red Mobile 2 & PCDJ Karaoki
PCDJPCDJ Red Mobile 2 for Windows or MAC is DJ software designed for pro DJ’s and Entertainers. Red Mobile 2.0 boasts a powerful library that allows you to Import, mix, and search all of your MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV files, MP3+G unprotected iTunes files quickly and easily.

New in version 2 is karaoke show hosting, the ability to playback MP3+G karaoke files and display lyrics on an external monitor/TV. Complete with features such as fully automated auto-mix, one-click beat sync, a mix-now button for quick cross-fade and play, all packaged in a very easy-to-use interface; you have the perfect DJ solution to take on any gig in any environment. Less screen clutter and just the right feature set to make your job as easy as possible. Concentrate on your clients and not your DJ software!

PCDJ KARAOKI is professional karaoke software designed for KJ’s and karaoke venues. Karaoki includes a singers rotation list with singer history, key control, news ticker, a song book export and printer, a jukebox background music player and many other features designed so you can host karaoke shows faster and easier! This karaoke software supports MP3+G, WAV+G, most zipped MP3+G/WAV+G formats and various video files. With PCDJ Karaoki all your digital karaoke files are stored on your hard drive, so you can search, load and play any of your karaoke tunes instantly. Karaoki includes two karaoke music download stores built right in; and now the world’s first and only professional in-app karaoke music subscription – the Karaoke Cloud Pro. Enhance your karaoke show with this simple yet powerful karaoke software player that sets new standards in karaoke show hosting.