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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prodipe Mics

Prodipe Mics
Lanen RSL Ribbon Stereo MicProdipe is well known for affordable, but high quality microphones.  We've added their popular Lanen RSL Ribbon Stereo Mic and the "Salmieri" Drum Mic Pack to our line-up of mics.

The Claude Salmieri drum mic pack was designed to record your playing with as much accuracy as possible.

The pack consists of 8 microphones:
- x1 NEXT GENERATION dynamic uni-directional bass drum mic that goes even further down into the bass notes for optimum recording and restitution.
- x3 dynamic, unidirectional and ultra-versatile mics for toms – you can also use them with other percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, etc.
- x1 dynamic uni-directional mic for the snare drum to accurately transcribe what is essential in playing snare drums - attack and finesse.
- x3 microphones PROA1 overheads (static condenser mics) perfectly adapted to capture the different moods of drums and percussion instruments, but also ideal for the Charleston drum. You can also use them with any acoustic instrument.

The ST-8 set is supplied in a durable carrying case and includes 3 SHIELDS and 3 HOLDER MOUNTS to use with the overheads.

The Lanen RSL Ribbon Stereo Mic boasts a modern design and exceptional quality at an affordable price. It is perfect for smaller studios, home studio users and musicians.

Using the famous microphones of the 60s as starting point, Prodipe has created a new generation of ultra-tough ribbon mics that are capable of:
- Stereo and simultaneous recordings that let you pick up the mood of the room from behind and almost completely isolate any sources that are on either side of the mic.
- The speed of response obtained from the lightweight nature of a ribbon that comprises 2.8 micron width aluminium.
- A respect for the timbre of each instrument and a very natural reproduction of their respective sounds.
- An ability to manage very high sound levels (for example, guitar amplifier at full blast).
- High-pitched sounds that are never aggressive (brass, metal percussion), even if the pickup is nearby.
- Directivity in 8 so you can capture the atmosphere of the room from behind and almost completely isolate any sources that are on either side of the mic.        

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