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Thursday, January 9, 2014

DM6 USB Drum Kit, DM Lite Drum Kit

DM6 USB Drum Kit, DM Lite Drum Kit
DM6 Drum KitThe DM6 USB Drum Kit is now $100 off at $399 and the DM Lite Drum Kit is perfect for the beginning drummer at only $299.

Like all Alesis drum sets, the DM6 USB Kit features realistic, natural-feeling playing surfaces.  This five-piece kit gets you started on a dual-zone snare pad for two-sound compatibility. You can dial in a snare drum sound in the center and a rim click, rimshot, or something totally different like a cowbell on the rim!    

The DM6 USB Kit also comes with three tom pads, an upright kick drum pad, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal pads. It even comes with an Alesis bass drum pedal and kick pad for your personal feel. 

The Alesis DM Lite Kit with light-up LED pads will have any novice or accomplished drummer playing and playing better right away. All drum and cymbal pads are mounted to the pre-assembled, height-adjustable, 4-post rack, making set-up a snap. In addition to 200 sounds (fully accessible by external MIDI sources), the DM Lite Module contains a built-in drum coach offering play-along patterns and exercises to improve your skills.

Through stereo 1/4" outputs, the DM Lite Kit can be easily connected to an amplifier or sound system to share your performance or an 1/8" headphone output is available for private practice. Plus, there is an 1/8" aux input that allows you to jam out to your favorite tunes from an external audio source. The DM Lite Kit can even connect to your computer via USB for integration with popular software recording programs and virtual instruments.  


  1. Which one is better for purchasing now?it seems dm6 is 4-5 years older.dont want to go in for an too obsolete model. Thanks

  2. The DM-10 Studio Kit Mesh is a newer product that I would highly recommend. You can find it here: http://kellysmusicandcomputers.com/alesis-dm10-studio-mesh-kit-electronic-drums