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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Free Mastering Tutorials!

Izotope has some great free resources for learning about mastering and dithering.  Here are the details from their site, along with link so the PDFs and sample files:

If you have Ozone and want to learn the basics of dithering or mastering, you're in luck. Ozone gives you the tools you need to get "that sound" and these guides will show you how to do it.

Even if you don't have Ozone but want to learn more about dithering or mastering, we hope these guides will help you. Sure, we think you should use Ozone, but we learned a lot about mastering from the online audio community, and we want to give something back in return.

Mastering with Ozone | 2013 Edition
The new 2013 Edition is here! Featuring fresh insights from Jonathan Wyner and other mastering pros, this update covers a broad range of mastering principles and best practices, plus a healthy dose of Ozone 5 tips.
Download PDF (12.7 MB) | Download eBook (via iTunes for iPhone/iPad)

Dithering with Ozone*
Download PDF (3.2 MB) | Download eBook (via iTunes for iPhone/iPad)
*Dithering with Ozone includes references to sample audio files, available below.
Download sample audio files (4.14 MB ZIP file of WAV files)

Ozone 5 Help Guide
Download PDF (10.4 MB)

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