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Thursday, November 28, 2013

More Black Friday deals posted!

Keep checking our Clearance Page for updates, as we will add new specials as they become available.

For example, we just added the following:

iRig Pro

iRig ProThe iRig Pro is the all-in-one audio/MIDI interface that fits in your pocket. The only Interface you need for making music on the go!

Wouldn't it be great to have one compact portable interface for your iPhone, iPad or Mac that you could use to connect your studio mics, your guitar or bass, your keyboards and your MIDI controller, and play, practice and record on the go? Ta Da! Now you can with iRig PRO.

iRig PRO is the first full-featured compact audio and MIDI interface you can use with your XLR microphones, your guitar and bass, your keyboard or other line-level source and your MIDI controllers. It features an XLR/1/4" combo jack for connecting microphones and instruments (accepts XLR and 1/4" TS cables), and a MIDI input for plugging in your favorite controller.

Now when you're on the go, you can record vocals, harmonies, acoustic instruments, electric guitar/bass, keyboards and more without changing your interface and disrupting your creative flow. You will find iRig PRO to be the most versatile iPhone and iPad accessory in your gig bag. And when you get back to your Mac, plug iRig PRO into your USB port and keep jamming away on your laptop or desktop.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New AdPaks: Reel Machines, Electric Grand, Vintage Dry

Addictive KeysXLN Audio has released a host of exciting new AdPaks so you can get the most from Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys.

The Electric Grand AdPak includes the Addictive Keys engine, so you don't have to buy anything else if you are looking for an affordable ($59!) electric grand.  Includes three characters in one instrument: acoustic sound of hammers hitting strings, the direct line signal from the built in pickups, and finally a crunchy amped sound to add some grit to the mix. This makes the Electric Grand very versatile and suitable for just about anything from indie rock and pop to house to R’n’B ballads.

Reel Machines is an electro injection for Addictive Drums featuring five full electronic kits from the eighties. All samples were recorded on analog tape using mint condition drum machines and modules.  

The 1970s were a golden era for rock, disco, funk and just about any style that relied on a solid backbeat. The drums were dry, fat and crisp and it was good!  And with XLN Vintage Dry ADpak, you too can have those glorious drum sounds!

ToonTrack Discounts!

ToonTrack Specials

Until the end of the year, we have special pricing on EZ Drummer, the EZX Expansions, Superior Drummer and the SDX Expansions!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

iConnect MIDI 4+

iConnect MIDi 4+The iConnectMIDI4+ is not only a 64 port MIDI interface for PC, MAC, and iOS. It also introduces four exciting new features to enable musicians to professionally integrate more than one computer or an iOS device into their music making environment.   

The iConnect MIDI 4+ allows for more than one computing device to access the same MIDI resources. This is useful in many ways such as, sending midi from a controller or synth to daw and an iOS device simultaneously, setting up redundancy in a live MIDI environment, sending MIDI from multiple computing devices to one another, and more.  

iConnectMIDI4+ also features Audio passThru. This patent pending technology is integral to using iOS, and multiple computing devices (PC, MAC, iOS) in a professional environment by enabling the devices to pass not only MIDI data but also audio data from device to device. There are many practical applications for this technology, for example now musicians can use a daw on their MAC or PC to control a virtual instrument or other music making program on their iOS or other computing device (PC, MAC, iOS) and send the MIDI data as well as audio data back to the DAW without extra cables, signal degradation or additional analog to digital conversion.  

Many MIDI devices include a USB port for input/output of both audio and MIDI. iConnectMIDI4+ accommodates for this by addition of a USB host port that allows musicians to integrate their USB MIDI devices seamlessly. iConnectMIDI4+’s MIDI host port supports up to 8 USB MIDI synths, controllers, etc. enabling all computing devices that are connected to iConnectMIDI4+ to send and receive MIDI and Audio from devices that are connected to its USB host port.  

iConnectMIDI4+ also has an ethernet port. Users can connect iConnectMIDI4+ to wireless router, ethernet hub/router, or any ethernet enabled device via its dedicated ethernet port and is network discoverable, allowing for musicians to control any of the devices connected to iConnectMIDI4+ via network connection, adding further control and connectivity options.  

With all of this connectivity comes possibility and nearly endless options. iConnectivity’s Port Manager software for iOS, MAC and PC allows the user complete control over 
iConnectMIDI4+’s I/O by providing direct control over how MIDI is routed and filtered to and from all devices connected to it.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Free Keyboard Rack Extension (software) with Reason 7!

Buy Reason 7 (including academic versions) between November 1st and December 30th and receive Radical Piano & Radical Keys Rack Extension free from Propellerheads when you register.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cakewalk Sonar X3

Sonar X3Cakewalk's popular Sonar series has been updated to X3!

If you already own Sonar, you can purchase an upgrade to Sonar X3 here. Selecting the right upgrade can be a bit confusing, so feel free to call us at 1-888-562-8822 or 1-800-510-4385 or send us an e-mail and we would be happy to help!

If you haven't upgraded to X2 and are using a Windows 8 touch device, upgrading to X3 is a no-brainer, since you will gain from native Windows 8 support, along with Cakewalk's innovative touch support.

So what's new?  There are some cool new features that make it worth upgrading, including:
  • A new time saving Comping Mode 
  • VST 3 support, 64 bit engine and no need to rescan for new VST plug-ins
  • Melodyne Essential included and integrated with Studio and Producer Edition for pitch correction, time stretching, and audio to MIDI conversion
  • Integrated YouTube publishing
  • Get 5GB of integrated cloud file back-up and sharing with Gobbler
  • You can now change the color of tracks - as silly as this may sound, this can really help organize and group tracks together
  • New effects in producer: Quad-Curve EQ Zoom, Tape Emulator, Addictive Drums (full version), Lounge Lizard Session, Strum Acoustic Session and more!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Samplitude Pro X Suite - 50% off, Crossgrade from Sonar for only $199!

Samplitude Pro X Suite - 50% off, Crossgrade from Sonar for only $199!

Magix is reaching out to Sonar customers who are concerned about Gibson's recent acquisition of Cakewalk by offering a special price on Samplitude Pro X and Samplitude Pro X Suite.  You will need to e-mail us proof that you own Sonar in order to take advantage of this offer.

Don't forget that Samplitude Pro X Suite is also half price until the end of the year!  A $500 savings, this is a great opportunity to purchase a powerful, flexible and efficient DAW.  Even if you already have another recording program, it is well worth considering Samplitude Pro X Suite at this price.  With full surround sound support and over 70 GB of content, Samplitude is an amazing value!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

eMedia Software Available for Electronic Delivery

Cube LiteeMedia's learning software has always been a popular choice for learning guitar, piano, or even singing.  Now you don't have to wait for delivery, as you can download your software as soon as we've processed your order.

Of course, if you prefer, we can still send you the boxed version, but for faster access and no shipping charges, you can now download your software shortly after we process your order.  You can start learning to play or sing right away!
Here are some of the more popular eMedia programs to consider:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Akai EWI4000S

EWI4000SThe EWI4000S wind controller delivers incredible versatility, ultimate mobility and remarkable creative expression that brings a musical revolution to your fingertips.

Akai understands that you want to concentrate on creating and performing music, not manipulating buttons, so they've made the breath, vibrato, glide time, and bend width controls easily accessible and totally adjustable. In addition, the included software lets both Windows and Mac users edit, customize, store and recall sounds with their computer.

Unlike the less expensive EWI USB, the EWI 4000S has built in sounds, so you can use it without your computer for live performance.  You can still connect to your computer for recording using a USB MIDI interface, but if you don't feel like fiddling with software synths, the EWI 4000S is the way to go.

Key Features
- Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) fingering mode for brass players
- Touch sensitive keys and octave roller for quick and responsive playing
- Sensitive breath sensor for expressive dynamics
- Built-in analog modeling synth sound module
- Built-in MIDI output for use with sound modules
- PC and Mac Editor software for customizing, storing and instantly recalling internal sounds
- Lightweight and portable design with battery power  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Izotope RX 3

Izotope RX3Featuring new cutting-edge tools, enhanced workflows and a redesigned user interface, RX 3enables you to fix troubled audio with more power and precision than ever before. 

Rescue your audio from the cutting room floor! With remedies for noise, clipping, hum, buzz, crackles,and more, RX 3 is the most robust and best-sounding audio repair toolkit on the market. Used everywhere from Hollywood post production studios to leading sound editing facilities, iZotope RX 3 transforms troubled recordings into professional-grade material.

Perfectly suited for audio engineering and recording, post production, archiving, broadcasting, forensics and more, RX 3 delivers cutting-edge tools for treating previously unusable audio. With an intuitive spectral editor and 10+ intelligent modules, RX 3 enables you to fix troubled audio with unprecedented power and precision.

Complete Set of Tools!
RX 3 includes everything you need to repair both common and uncommon audio problems:
- Turn flawed audio into pristine, usable material using Denoise, Declip, Declick & Decrackle, Spectral Repair and more.
- Pinpoint problems faster than ever with the Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyzer.
- Easily finesse your sound with dedicated audio enhancement modules like EQ, Gain, Channel Operations, and RX 3 Advanced's Time & Pitch.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Traktor Kontrol S4

Traktor KontrolNative Instruments has updated their popular Traktor Kontrol S2 and Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ control systems with aluminum jogwheels and compatibility with the Traktor DJ iPad/iPhone app.

Trusted by pros, the flagship TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 is the all-in-one 4-channel DJ system. Now with the latest TRAKTOR features at your fingertips, take your mix to new heights.
The industry-standard 4-deck controller, and soundcard includes TRAKTOR software with an improved look and feel and visual feedback.  It is also plug and play with TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone.

The S4 combines a premium 4 channel mixer, built-in 24 bit/96 kHz soundcard, an intuitive interface, and TRAKTOR PRO 2 software with Remix Decks. The ideal one-stop package for DJs who want pro features, instant usability and go-anywhere portability. 

If you don't need 4 decks, the S2 still has many of the great features, but at a lower price.