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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


PitchMapI had a lot of fun playing with PitchMap at MusikMesse.  It is hard to describe so head over to the "Downloads" tab on the product page and to check out the demo or video on your Mac.

PITCHMAP is the world's first and only plug-in that allows processing the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time. It lets you change the melodies and harmonies of any recording by simply playing your own on a MIDI keyboard or creating a pitch map using our stream-lined GUI, and optionally corrects any tuning issues at the same time. As if that weren't enough, PITCHMAP provides functions to remove or extract individual sounds from a mix, and can apply advanced synthesizer-like sound transformations to your audio. In short, it is an inspiring musical instrument, a precision corrective tool and the only processor that literally lets you shape music with your hands.

PITCHMAP has so many uses Zynaptiq has not yet discovered all of them. Here's a couple of the applications Zynaptiq is aware of:
  • Engineers can correct tuning inaccuracies in mixed recordings  
  • Composers can try different harmonies for their works in an immediate, hassle-free and inspiring manner  
  • Music producers that work with sampled material can now sculpt the music inside the samples as if they were clay in the hands of a potter  
  • DJs can adapt the key/scale of their songs to fit into a seamless set  
  • Sound designers get a bunch of unique new ways of creating the sounds that make the films and games of today so immersive  
  • Mash-Up artists and Re-Mixers now spend minutes instead of hours (or days) adapting the components they use to fit each other  
  • Rapid song/score prototyping using existing recordings that can be transformed to be something new on-the-fly  
  • Mix element suppression/isolation under MIDI control  
  • Creating unique synthesizer sounds based on a live input  
  • Create instant remixes and professional accompaniment tracks directly from your favorite songs or play list  
Based on Zynaptiq's Mixed-Signal Audio Processing technology (MAP), PITCHMAP internally de-mixes the input signal into individual sounds, including their harmonics and transients. This technique is quite literally rocket science, and is done using perceptive modeling and pattern recognition techniques also used in artificial intelligence applications. The separated sounds can then be individually tuning-corrected and mapped to other pitches, a process Zynaptiq calls Pitch Mapping. MAP also enables PITCHMAP's simple-to-use, yet very effective functions for suppressing or isolating mix elements. In real-time, of course.

Certain pitch correction algorithm artifacts have become quite popular. Zynaptiq's got those, too, if you want them. But Zynaptiq's MAP process has more sonic options than that. Zynaptiq's added parameters called Purify and Electrify that allow making your sound more or less synthetic sounding, and threw in a polyphonic Portamento option named Glide, for good measure. In combination with the live MIDI function, these parameters can basically turn PITCHMAP into a unique synthesizer allowing some very far out sound design.

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