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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

iConnect MIDI2+

iConnect MIDI2+ 

ConnectMIDI2+ is not only a 2 in 2 out MIDI interface for PC, MAC, and iOS, but it also introduces two exciting new features to enable musicians to professionally integrate more than one computer or an iOS device into their music making environment: allowing more than one computing device to access the same MIDI device at the same time and audio pass through - all for under $100!

The first of these technologies allows for more than one computing device to access the same MIDI resources. This is useful in many ways such as, sending midi from a controller or synth to daw and an iOS device simultaneously, setting up redundancy in a live MIDI environment, sending MIDI from multiple computing devices to one another, and more.    

iConnectMIDI2+ also features Audio Pass-through. This patent pending technology is integral to using iOS, and multiple computing devices (Mac, PC, and iOS) in a professional environment by enabling the devices to pass not only MIDI data but also audio data from device to device. There are many practical applications for this technology, for example now musicians can use a DAW on their MAC or PC to control a virtual instrument or other music making program on their iOS or other computing device (PC, MAC, iOS) and send the MIDI data as well as audio data back to the DAW without extra cables, or signal degradation or additional analog to digital conversion.    

With all of this connectivity comes possibility and nearly endless options.iConnectivity’s Port Manager software for Mac, PC, and iOS allows the user complete control over how MIDI is routed, remapped and filtered to and from all devices connected to it.    

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Pro Tools 11 Academic offers big savings for Students, Teachers and Schools at more than 50% off!

The Academic Versions of Pro Tools 11, Pro Tools 11 Upgrade from LE and Pro Tools 11 Upgrade from M-Powered are all in stock.

The academic and regular version of Pro Tools 11 are identical. If you are a student, teacher or an academic institution, then you get all of the power of Pro Tools 11, but at a significant savings.

We are often asked what the difference is between Pro Tools 11 Academic and the regular version of Pro Tools 11. The answer is simple - there are no differences!  You can use Pro Tools 11 Academic however you wish as there are no restrictions on usage.  You can purchase an upgrade to the next version of Pro Tools, such as Pro Tools 12 as Avid doesn’t restrict upgrades on academic versions.

If you can provide Avid with the proof of your academic status they require, you can purchase Pro Tools 11 at the student, teacher or institutional/school price.

There are no limitations on the software, and you can use it as you wish, with any ASIO or Audio Units compatible audio interface. Our music technology specialists will be happy to help recommend an audio interface for your needs - and we also offer academic pricing on many of our audio interfaces.

Ready to buy?  Just place your order on-line or by phone we will ask you to fax (1-800-868-7009) or reply to your confirmation e-mail with your proof of academic status to allow us to validate your order. Please include your order number in your fax or e-mail. You may send us a copy of your teacher or student ID, pay stub, statement of fees, or a letter on institutional letterhead indicating your status as a teacher or student. We also accept Purchase Orders for Pro Tools 11 Academic.

As always, we do our best to provide the lowest possible price while still offering the excellent service and support that we are known for. If you find a lower price on Pro Tools 11 Academic, please let us know!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Prodigy X-FI NRG

Prodigy X-FI NRG
Looking for an inexpensive but great sounding PCIe card for surround and 3D playback?  Check out the new Prodigy X-FI NRG!  Read the specs, then be surprised at the price...

Prodigy X-Fi NRG is a powerful 7.1 channel, 24-bit / 96kHz capable PCIe based soundcard featuring the AKM AK4358 D/A Converter for playback signals with 112dB dynamic range. The combination with a fine selection of high quality condensers and a special circuit design provides perfect sound quality. The OpAmp on the card is installed on a socket, providing the possibility to change it to users preference.

The X-Fi chipset from Creative provides perfect 3D sound capability and excellent compatibility to all important 3D applications such as games and home theater playback software.

Featuring a professional headphone amplifier and digital input as well as digital output, Prodigy X-Fi NRG provides a lot more connection options than comparable soundcards.

- PCIe (PCI Express) soundcard interface
- maximum 24-bit/96kHz analog input (combined microphone and line input with 1/8" connector)
- maximum 24-bit/96kHz 7.1 channel analog output (1/8" connectors)
- headphone output; 16 ~ 300 ohm impedance
- maximum 24-bit/96kHz digital input with optical TOSlink connector
- maximum 24-bit/96kHz digital output with optical TOSlink connector and internal 2-pin header, AC-3 pass through supported
- internal Intel HD Front Panel Audio standard connector
- AKM AK4358 112dB(a) DAC on 7.1 channel output
- AKM AK5358 102dB(a) ADC on analog input
- opamp swappable, equipped by default with NE5532 opamp
- DirectSound, MME, WDM, Open AL as well as EAX 1.0 / 2.0, EAX Advanced HD 3.0 / 4.0 supported
- Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP compatible

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eris E5 & E8 Studio Monitors

Eris E5 & E8 Studio Monitors
Eries Studio Monitors
When you’re ready to get serious about recording, it’s time to step up to studio monitors. Cheap computer speakers and home stereo speakers won’t reveal the truth about your mix. They aren’t designed for that.  The Presonus Eris E5 and E8 are affordable options.

Eris speakers are real studio monitors, delivering a very accurate response with a tight bass and very clear upper end. That’s what you need in a home studio. Thanks to well designed Kevlar low frequency transducers, low mass silk dome tweeters, responsive Class AB amplification, and professional acoustic-adjustment controls, Eris delivers the goods.

If space is at a premium, or if you want the ultimate in portability, consider the compact Eris E5, which takes up just 7 x 10.24 x 7.68 inches (178 x 260 x 195 mm) and weighs in at just 10.2 lbs (4.63 kg). You can shoehorn this little beauty into almost any studio space.

The E5 sports a 5.25-inch, Kevlar low-frequency driver, mated with a 45W, Class AB amplifier; and a 1-inch (25 mm), silk dome tweeter powered by a 35W, Class AB amplifier. It can crank out a clean 102 dB SPL, peak. Frequency response is rated at 53 Hz to 22 kHz. For a studio monitor in its size and price class, that’s impressive.  

For an extended low frequency response and a bit more muscle, step up to the Eris E8. With its 8-inch, Kevlar low-frequency transducer, driven by a 75 watt, Class AB power amplifier, it can range down to 35 Hz. Like the E5, the E8 can reach all the way to 22 kHz, thanks to a 1.25-inch (32 mm), silk dome, high frequency tweeter. However, the E8’s tweeter is driven by a heftier 65W, Class AB amplifier. With its extra juice, the E8 can deliver up to 105 dB SPL, peak.  

Both Eris models provide balanced XLR, balanced ¼” TRS, and unbalanced RCA line-level inputs. When both balanced connections are in use, the TRS input will supersede the XLR input. The RCA input is summed into the signal path.

If you want to emulate a cheap radio, engage the Low Cut-off at 80 or 100 Hz while boosting the Mid control.  

The Eris sEris provides three EQ controls in its Acoustic Tuning section: High, Mid, and Low Cut-off. These controls enable you to fine-tune the monitors and even to broadly approximate the sounds of different types of speakers so you can hear what your mix might sound like, for instance, on a car stereo or portable radio. The Low control also is useful when using the E8 with a subwoofer.

What really sets Presonus apart from comparably priced systems are user controls that allow you to tailor the speakers’ response to your needs.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

LiveBook AFX Mobile Audio Workstation

LiveBook AFX Mobile Audio Workstation
LiveBook AFX
Looking for a laptop that can handle all of your audio recording, editing and mixing without missing a beat?  Need a reliable DJ rig?  The LiveBook AFX was designed from the ground up by Rain Computers specifically for audio production and includes a support package focused on music.
Introducing the LiveBook AFX. With two drives (one solid state, one mechanical), 4 processor cores and up to 16GB of memory, it's the fastest, most powerful audio workstation you ever put in your backpack and took to a gig. LiveBook AFX is designed for pro audio production and DJs. It's tested and certified to run everything from Pro Tools and Cubase to Serato and Adobe CS6. This is what it's like when your computer can keep up with your creativity.

Ready for everything.  
LiveBook AFX wants to make sure you're prepared for whatever happens, whether you're recording an orchestra, DJing a club or doing a major label record from your hotel room. And with this much power, you're adding all the tracks, plug-ins and virtual instruments you need to bring your music to life, any time, anywhere. High speed ports like USB 3.0 and eSATA 3.0 give you streaming up to 6 gigabits per second and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 675M graphics processor makes sure you can score a movie as easily as watching one.  

Welcome to tech support for creative people.  
In addition to the complimentary 1 year RainCare Technical Support and Warranty, your Rain also includes a free Rain Ensemble Plug & Play session. During your session you can ask for help with anything outside of the computer. Rain can install your gear, tune your system for the best performance or help with issues that fall into the "grey area" between your computer, software and hardware.  

Highlights  - Designed for audio production and DJ with software like Pro Tools and Serato
- Powerful Core i7 "Ivy Bridge" quad-core processor and up to 16GB of memory
- Brand new hi-res 15.6" backlit LCD display powered by NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M
- Two drives: Solid State Drive and HDD for high speed streaming
- Free Rain Ensemble Plug & Play Session for help with all your gear.
- RainCare Technical Support & Warranty [1 Year]  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Midi nTour CX

Midi nTour CX
Midi nTour CX
Joining the iRig MIDI, ESI's MIDI nTour CXallows you to easily connect a MIDI device to your 30 pin iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch.  While the iRig MIDI includes cables, the MIDI cables are attached to the MIDI nTour CX, making it a bit less expensive.

The MIDI nTour CX is a convenient MIDI interface cable that works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The cable is designed for use with Core MIDI compatible apps such as synthesizers, sequencers and many more available for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. With MIDI nTour CX you can simply connect your favorite music apps such as GarageBand with any MIDI keyboard (with 5-pin DIN MIDI connector) or MIDI hardware. The cable provides perfect MIDI timing and performance at an extremely affordable price.

To use MIDI nTour CX, you connect the 30-pin connector directly to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and the MIDI in connector on the other end of the cable to the MIDI out connector of your keyboard or other MIDI device. Also you can connect the MIDI out of MIDI nTour CX with the MIDI in of your MIDI device such as a sound module.  

Did I already mention our iPad and iPhone guide that can give you ideas for using your iOS device for making music?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spectrum Universal Tablet Stand

Spectrum Universal Tablet Stand 
We have lots of great stands and mounts for iPads, such as the popular TheGigEasy sEris, the versatile HyperPad, and the inexpensive iKlip.  However, there are lots of other tablets besides the iPad, and the new Spectrum Universal Table Stand allows you to use virtual any tablet, not just an iPad.

More than just a holder, the Spectrum Universal Table Standis a complete stand system that adjust to hold any 7" to 10" tablet.
  • Height adjustable stand with unique patent-pending gooseneck design, allows for maximum reach and positioning  
  • Locking hub provides 360ยบ positioning of tablet, which allows hands-free viewing  
  • 4 Weighted feet prevent tipping  
  • Sturdy, tubular design with easy to assemble instructions  
  • 1 year Limited Warranty
Don't forget about our Tablet and iPhone guide that can give you ideas for using your tablet or iOS device for making music.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

M-Audio M3-8 Speaker

M-Audio M3-8 Speaker
M3-8The new M3-8 three way monitors sound and look great!  At $299 each, the M3-8 are a great way to move your studio to the pro level at an affordable price.

Step up to superior three-way sound with the M3-8 studio monitor from M-Audio. Savor the improved fidelity, enhanced imaging, and super-wide sweet spot of this exceptional three-way studio monitor as you mix your sessions and laydown tracks. Track and mix with the enhanced accuracy and superior imaging that only a three-way monitor can provide. Using an efficient inline design, the space-saving M3-8 Studio Reference Monitors provide truly spectacular three-way sound in the same space as a standard two-way monitor.

The efficient M3-8 design allows the mid- and high-frequency drivers to be mounted inline. By delivering sound along the same focal plane, the M3-8 speakers deliver improved time-alignment for fatigue-free listening. Lightweight woven Kevlar endows the 8" low-frequency driver and 5" mid-range driver with strength and reliability. The 1" silk dome tweeter offers integrated waveguides to provide increased clarity. In addition to the attractive real wood baffle, the cabinet provides tuned bass porting and optimized internal bracing to produce the highest levels of fidelity.

Three individual amplifiers provide power to each of the three speaker elements. A total of 220 Watts of Class A/B amplification empowers the M3-8 with ample headroom for even the loudest mixes. Finely tuned crossovers deliver rich tonality across the entire frequency spectrum. The powerful three-band EQ—and a switchable low-cut filter—allow you to shape the sound to match your listening environment. Pinhole-mounted blue LEDs provide an easy-to-use visual aide for perfect speaker placement. The result is an outstanding monitor able to perform in the most critical of listening environments.

Monday, July 8, 2013

iPhone, iPod Buyer's Guide Updated

We recently updated our iPhone/iPad buyer's guide!

There are many exciting ways that you can use your smartphone or tablet including such as the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad for music. Contact us if you have questions or need more ideas on how to put your iOS device to work!

Viewing Sheet Music
There are lots of great apps for displaying and organizing sheet music on your tablet
Playing, Creating & Recording Music

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Black Velvet AdPak

Black Velvet AdPak
Black Velvet AdpakNeed another drum kit for Addictive Drums?  The new Black Velvet AdPak is a modern classic dressed in black captured with a large, epic sound for only $49.

The Black Velvet ADpak is the sound you always wished you could afford! A modern classic dressed in black captured with a large, epic sound. Created with the grunge/post-grunge era in mind, with roots in alternative rock transcending to an expensive arena rock-band sound, this takes you on a journey from Seattle to LA. This ADpak is made with the highest demands on everything throughout the whole recording chain, capturing the unmistakable raw attitude in a luxurious package.

The included presets covers different clean setups to gritty alternative rock and grunge to slick, expensive and larger-than-life grandness. Black Velvet offers an almost unreal diversity go from a tight, fat and controlled sound to unleashing some kind of monster by just pushing the room fader! Simply put, it’s epic!  

A great feature in the Black Velvet ADpak is the ability to creatively control the ambient sound. The recording was divided in two sessions where the drums were recorded in a gymnasium hall sized recording room and the hi-hat and cymbals in a smaller and damped recording room. By altering a few settings or loading presets you can go from tight-and-fat to loud-and-large fast and easy. Automate the settings for a close and tight kit in the verse and gigantic sound in the chorus.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Izotope Stutter Edit - $149

Until the end of the month you can pick up Izotope's Stutter Edit for only $149!  What is Stutter Edit?  Well, it is hard to describe, so check out the video on the "Downloads" tab on our Stutter Edit page for the details. 

With Stutter Edit, you can tear up your tracks in real time, building thrilling fills, complex effects, shimmering sweeps, and staggering stutters that will leave your listeners screaming for more. They'll think you spent hours slaving over the slices…but all it took was a press of a key. 

Free Stuff from Presonus

Presonus has some rebates for free stuff this month.  Please contact us for the rebate form if you are interested:

Applied Acoustics 15th Anniversary Sale

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary, AAS is offering their popular Chromaphone, Lounge Lizard and Ultra Analog VA-1 for only $99 each until August 15th.


PitchMapI had a lot of fun playing with PitchMap at MusikMesse.  It is hard to describe so head over to the "Downloads" tab on the product page and to check out the demo or video on your Mac.

PITCHMAP is the world's first and only plug-in that allows processing the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time. It lets you change the melodies and harmonies of any recording by simply playing your own on a MIDI keyboard or creating a pitch map using our stream-lined GUI, and optionally corrects any tuning issues at the same time. As if that weren't enough, PITCHMAP provides functions to remove or extract individual sounds from a mix, and can apply advanced synthesizer-like sound transformations to your audio. In short, it is an inspiring musical instrument, a precision corrective tool and the only processor that literally lets you shape music with your hands.

PITCHMAP has so many uses Zynaptiq has not yet discovered all of them. Here's a couple of the applications Zynaptiq is aware of:
  • Engineers can correct tuning inaccuracies in mixed recordings  
  • Composers can try different harmonies for their works in an immediate, hassle-free and inspiring manner  
  • Music producers that work with sampled material can now sculpt the music inside the samples as if they were clay in the hands of a potter  
  • DJs can adapt the key/scale of their songs to fit into a seamless set  
  • Sound designers get a bunch of unique new ways of creating the sounds that make the films and games of today so immersive  
  • Mash-Up artists and Re-Mixers now spend minutes instead of hours (or days) adapting the components they use to fit each other  
  • Rapid song/score prototyping using existing recordings that can be transformed to be something new on-the-fly  
  • Mix element suppression/isolation under MIDI control  
  • Creating unique synthesizer sounds based on a live input  
  • Create instant remixes and professional accompaniment tracks directly from your favorite songs or play list  
Based on Zynaptiq's Mixed-Signal Audio Processing technology (MAP), PITCHMAP internally de-mixes the input signal into individual sounds, including their harmonics and transients. This technique is quite literally rocket science, and is done using perceptive modeling and pattern recognition techniques also used in artificial intelligence applications. The separated sounds can then be individually tuning-corrected and mapped to other pitches, a process Zynaptiq calls Pitch Mapping. MAP also enables PITCHMAP's simple-to-use, yet very effective functions for suppressing or isolating mix elements. In real-time, of course.

Certain pitch correction algorithm artifacts have become quite popular. Zynaptiq's got those, too, if you want them. But Zynaptiq's MAP process has more sonic options than that. Zynaptiq's added parameters called Purify and Electrify that allow making your sound more or less synthetic sounding, and threw in a polyphonic Portamento option named Glide, for good measure. In combination with the live MIDI function, these parameters can basically turn PITCHMAP into a unique synthesizer allowing some very far out sound design.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Free Mixcraft Remote App when you purchase Mixcraft between July 1 and August 31!

From July 1st to August 31st, Acoustica is offering the Mixcraft Remote app for FREE to anyone who buys Mixcraft 6.

You will receive instructions from Acoustica on how to download the Mixcraft Remote app from the iTunes, Google Play or Amazon App store once you register mixcraft. Enable the Remote App feature within Mixcraft 6 and instantly gain wireless remote control of Mixcraft’s transport controls, playback position, and master volume. Mixcraft 6 Remote’s two-way interface is custom designed to give users the freedom to control Mixcraft 6 remotely.

Mixcraft 6 is a powerful music production and multi-track recording workstation that comes packed with thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effects and virtual instruments. Mixcraft enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with MIDI and virtual instruments, add effects, score and edit video, and mix and master your tracks to create polished, professional compositions. Mixcraft is your music production dream come true, instantly turning your computer into a fully-stocked professional recording studio.