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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio

Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio
Mixcraft 6 Vocal StudioEverything you need for recording in one affordable package. Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio includes Mixcraft 6 and a USB recording mic.

Acoustica and MXL Microphones have teamed up to create Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio, a stream-lined software and hardware package that turns any PC into a powerful and easy-to-use recording studio.
Packed with pro-quality effects, authentic virtual instruments, thousands of audio loops and sound effects, and a high-end versatile USB recording microphone, Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio provides musicians with everything they need to create professional mixes with ease.    

Mixcraft 6 can record unlimited tracks, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with MIDI and virtual instruments, add effects, score and edit video, and mix and master tracks to create polished, professional compositions. Mixcraft 6 includes over 6000 professionally produced loops and sound effects, 11 virtual instruments and 25 high-quality effects. Professional features include ReWire hosting, multi-take loop recording, time stretching/pitch shifting, support for unlimited hardware inputs and outputs, support for multi-channel VSTi's, and much more.    

The MVS USB Condenser Microphone by MXL is custom-designed for Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio and includes many of the same features as MXL's high performance studio microphones. The MVS Microphone has a wide frequency response to capture vocals and instruments with impressive clarity. The cardioid polar pattern makes it simple to target the source of sound and minimize periphery noise. Simply plug into the USB input to any computer.

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