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Thursday, March 28, 2013

New York Studio Legacy Volume 3 SDX

New York Studio Legacy Volume 3 SDX
New York Studio LegacyDo you use Superior Drummer New York Studio Legacy Vol 3 is a "must have" for your collection.

This is the much anticipated continuation of Toontrack's New York Studios Legacy series, focusing on capturing the best studios in the New York area.
Recorded in the renowned Avatar Studios and featuring several vintage and custom kits, this session is best described as a prequel to the much praised core library in Toontrack's award-winning Superior Drummer, also recorded in Avatar studios and by the same team, engineer duo Neil Dorfsman and Pat Thrall together with drummer Nir Z.

Avatar Studios is known for having one of the world's finest acoustic environments for recording and has won several industry awards. Since its inception in the 1970s, it's hosted bands and artists like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Journey, Kings of Leon and The Clash.

The drums were recorded through a Neve 8068 console and signal chains of modern and vintage studio gear by an engineer/drummer team that has decades worth of experience behind the console and in the tracking room. Between them, they have worked with artists covering the whole gamut of genres, from classic rock (Kiss, Meatloaf, Bruce Springsteen) to soul (Joss Stone, John Mayer) and modern pop (Beyoncé, Katy Perry).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HyperPad 5 in 1 iPad Stand

HyperPad iPad Stand
HyperPad iPad StandA 5-in-1 iPad Stand that includes a mic stand pole clamp with gooseneck extension, a desktop clamp and can also be mounted on top of a mic stand for $79!

Ultimate Support’s HyperPad is the industry’s first 5-in-1 stand for the iPad (iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, and the newest iPad 4th Generation)! Whether you’re using your iPad at home, at work, while singing at the coffee shop, out gigging with your guitar or keyboard, or laying down beats at the club, HyperPad has you and your iPad covered.

Landscape and Portrait View Stand
Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, checking email, or investigating today’s weather, HyperPad is the iPad stand you’ve been waiting for. Fully capable of securely holding your iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, and iPad 4th Generation in both landscape and portrait view (and at varying angles), the HyperPad secures your iPad on all four sides. The handy kickback support leg rotates and angles so you’re free to adjust it to any arrangement you need.

Mic Stand Pole Clamp  
Keeping lyrics, set lists, charts, and other important information readily available to you while on stage is a musician’s dream come true. In today’s digital world you can finally retire all your gigging binders, folders, napkins, and notebooks. Keeping it within arms reach, the HyperPad includes a mic stand pole clamp that securely attaches to poles from .8” to 1.25”. Ultimate Support has included an adjustable gooseneck attachment for further personalized positioning!

Desktop Clamp  
Sometimes, you simply want a secure way to position your iPad on a table. So, whether it’s your studio desk, DJ coffin, or the kitchen table, the included desktop clamp and gooseneck arm mounts to any flat surface from .5” to 1.6” in thickness providing a flexible, secure mounting option for your iPad.

Mic Stand  
In addition to clamping the HyperPad to the pole of your mic stand, the HyperPad can be mounted to the top of a microphone stand (5/8” thread) with the included gooseneck arm! So, if you want to make great use of that extra mic stand you have laying around in the garage, or simply prefer vertical access to your iPad, the Ultimate Support HyperPad delivers!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free PRM1 Mic with StudioLive 24.4.2

Free PRM1 Mic! Purchase a StudioLive 24.4.2 from Kelly's Music between March 1 and May 31 and receive a free PRM1 Reference Microphone from Presonus via Mail In Rebate. See rebate form for details: US Rebate Form, Canadian Rebate Form.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ableton Live 9 & Push

Live 9 & Push
Live PushThe long awaited Live 9 is now available, along with Abelton's new Push pad controller!

Live 9 is now available with lots of exciting new features.  The eagerly-awaited Live 9 introduces new dimensions of creative possibilities with Session View automation, inspiring Audio to MIDI tools, curved automation envelopes, new and improved studio effects, an enhanced browser, and much more.

If you already own Live Intro, LE or Lite, check out the upgrade options on our site.

Push is an instrument that solves an old problem: how to make a song from scratch. With hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure, Push puts the fundamental elements of music making at your fingertips and it fits in a backpack alongside your laptop.
Push comes with Live 9 Intro which includes 3 instruments and 700+ sounds.  We also have two other bundles that include Push and the full version of Live:

Play and sequence beats. 64 pads give you multiple ways to make beats. Play, step sequence, and navigate your loop, all at the same time.

Play beats live with velocity-sensitive pads made by Akai Professional, and adjust sounds and kits while you play with eight touch-sensitive endless encoders. Hold a pad to repeat notes in time with your track while adjusting swing or the repeat divisions in real time.

Step Sequence
Step sequence beats directly using the pads for precise control. Select any step and tweak timing and velocity individually for each cell. See velocity and accents for each step shown on the Push’s pads.

Play Notes On The Grid
When playing instruments, Push’s pads “fold” a keyboard’s worth of notes to its 64 pads. Different pad colors show the key center, other notes that are in the key, and any notes you’ve already recorded. Push’s condensed pad layout means large intervals can be reached easily.

One Shape Per Chord
The symmetrical pad grid means melody and chord patterns can be played using the same fingerings in every key, and key changes happen at the touch of a button.

Pressure, Velocity and touch  
Push's velocity and pressure-sensitive pads mean you can play with expression and dynamics. Push’s touch slider allows for expressive pitch bending: slide your finger for smooth pitch changes or touch anywhere for immediate shifts.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sonar X1 Producer - Clearance!

We have a very limited supply of Cakewalk's Sonar X1 Producer Edition

This is not the latest version, so we are clearing it out at a really great price of $179.99.  Sonar X2 Producer is $400, so this is a great savings.

If you wish, you can purchase an upgrade to X2 - contact us for details!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

EastWest 25th Anniversary Sale - 50% off!

EastWest Anniversary Sale

EastWest LogoEast West's recent sale has been extended and morphed into a 25th Anniversary Sale.  Almost all of their products are at an astounding 50% off, with no rebate required.      

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free i2 GarageKey 37 with purchase of Sibelius 7 Student Edition

While supplies last, we are including a free i2 GarageKey 37 USB MIDI Keyboard when you purchase Sibelius 7 Student at the list price.  That is a $100 value!

The i2 GarageKey 37 is the perfect keyboard for entering notes into Sibelius 7.  You can easily connect this keyboard to your Mac or PC using the included USB cable and since it is USB powered, you don't need to worry about finding a free power plug for it!

More usable than a 25 note keyboard, but takes up less room than a 49 note keyboard, the space saving design of the I2 GarageKey 37 is perfect for desktop and portable use.

The sleek and simple design makes the I2 GarageKey 37 easy to use and attractive. The included stands give you more desk space, by allowing you to move your computer keyboard under the GarageKey when not in use.

 The I2 GarageKey 37 is class compliant, which means you don't have to worry about downloading, installing or configuring drivers. Instead, you just plug it into your Mac or PC and it works!  The i2 GarageKey 37 will work as a USB MIDI keyboard with the iPad using Apple's Camera Connection Kit, so you can use it to enter notes in GarageBand or any other program that accepts MIDI input on your iPad!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Samplitude Boxed Version on Sale!

Samplitude Pro X is $100 off at $399 and Samplitude Pro X Suite is $150 off at $749.50 until the end of March.  The sale only applies to the boxed versions.

Samplitude Pro X Suite is the perfect DAW for uncompromised audio productions - from arranging and recording, to editing and mixing, all the way to professional mastering and CD/DVD authoring.

Work with a fully customizable interface and experience a DAW tailored to your needs. The precision audio engine with 64-bit support, outstanding mastering quality plugins, 5.1 Surround mixing and its ability to be seamless integrated into your studio make Samplitude Pro X the most powerful audio workstations.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Addictive Keys - $50 off until April 30th!

Until April 30th, you can download XLN Audio's popular Addictive Keys for only $99!

Addictive Keys is a powerful music production and songwriting software setting a new standard for virtual keyboard instruments with its unique sound creation ability, smart workflow, fast loading times and high quality producer presets.

With its unique sound creation ability, smart workflow and fast loading times, Addictive Keys is suitable for any production style or music genre. Mix and match different microphone perspectives, add professional effects and advanced envelopes to create truly unique sounds.

Two years in the making, Addictive Keys is the ultimate blend of engineering, innovative design and creative expression. The stand alone version is perfect for spontaneous jamming and live performances and the plug-in version support all major DAW hosts.