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Thursday, January 10, 2013

JS-10 eBand

Roland JS-10 eBandWant to jam or do a gig but don't have a backing band?  Roland's new JS-10 eBand might be the solution!

Grab your guitar or bass and microphone, plug into the new eBand from BOSS, and amaze your friends, family, and fans! The eBand JS-10 is self contained and small, but fills the room with full-range sound from its 2.1 sound system and pro BOSS effects for only $429.
Jam with a large selection of onboard song tracks and audio loops, and add your own library of favorite songs to play along with via USB or SD media. You can easily change the tempo and key signature of the songs with high-quality results, and record your performances too. eBand is the compact, all-in-one jam station packed with pro features and larger-than-life sound
  • Two inputs for guitars, basses, and/or vocals, with individual controls and effects paths; ideal for duet jam sessions and teacher/student lessons
  •  New custom DSP chip provides effects and COSM amps equivalent to the flagship GT-100
  •  Over 350 pre-loaded audio loops for jamming along - including new "minus-one” audio for bass, two guitars, and guitar and bass - plus 50 new songs
  •  Center Cancel for minus-one play-along sessions; tempo/key-shift function

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