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Thursday, December 20, 2012

EarMaster 6!

Ear Master 6 is now available!  With lots of new features, this is a great way to improve your musicianship.

Here are some of the many new features:

  • New activityMelodic sight-reading (play or sing a musical phrase as you read it and get instant feedback)
  • New activityMelody playback (play or sing back a musical phrase after hearing it)
  • New notation engine with 2 types of notation: classical and jazz
  • Melodic Sight-singing Activity in EarMaster EarMaster Welcome Screen List of EarMaster activities
  • Addition of a vocal range setting in the exercise setup
  • New types of interval and chord executions combining harmonic and melodic playing
  • New audio detection algorithm provided by Mu Technologies
  • New sound playback engine with possibility to load soundfonts
  • Revised questioning engine that adapts to the user's score
  • More nuanced feedback on user performance
  • New options for note articulations (legato, staccato, sustained)
  • Detailed Statistics Jazz font notation EarMaster Championship 

    - And outside -

  • New answering interface: Solfege keyboard
  • New streamlined user interface
  • Fingerboard interface with 2 options: Rosewood and Maple
  • Interval Comparison activity and new piano interface Improved Toolbar New Fretboard options
  • New guitar tuner
  • Addition of user profiles: Piano or stringed instruments with automatic settings
  • And hundreds of many other additions and improvements

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