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Monday, October 29, 2012

Come see us at the OMEA and CMS Conference!

If you will be at the Manitoba, Ontario or Nova Scotia music educator conferences, be sure to stop by our booth at the trade show to say hello. I'll also be making presentations at each of the conferences and I would love to see you there!

I'll also be at the CMS conference in San Diego in November.

Send me an e-mail if you will be there and I can provide the times and locations of the presentations.  If you can't make it to my presentations, be sure to stop by our booth at the trade show!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alva Nanoface - affordable high quality audio interface

Looking for an audio interface that has great sound and is light with an awesome design? Check out the new Nanoface from Alva.

The Nanoface provides 6 audio I/Os – enough for a small home studio, a DJ- or surround setup. A MIDI input and two MIDI outputs form a perfect combination to connect a keyboard and external synthesizers or samplers.

Four analog inputs – two of them equipped with high-quality mic preamps - allow the simultaneous recording of different sources at the same time, like a microphone, an electric guitar and a synthesizer. Four analog outputs provide a flexible setup for monitoring two stereo signals at the same time, e. g. with main speakers and headphones. The signal from output 1/2 can be routed to output 3/4 and individually adjusted.

Normally, great converters are expensive! With the Nanoface, the game has changed. Thanks to the years of experience of the development team, Alva integrated a very sophisticated circuit design. The result: an extraordinary audiophile sound at an amazing price.

The Nanoface provides two mic preamps with very low noise and distortion specifications. Including switchable 48V phantom power for condenser mics.

Electrical instruments - guitar or bass - need a special instrument input with Hi-Z characteristics for direct recording. The Nanoface provides an instrument input directly on the units right side. Optimal for spontaneous jam sessions with a notebook or as mobile recording station without the need for more equipment – live or with band rehearsals.

The analog gains for the four inputs, all output levels and special features, like phantom power and hardware monitoring will be controlled with the big silver rotary encoder directly on the Nanoface.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FireStudio Price Reductions!

Both the Firestudio Project and the Firestudio Mobile now have new, lower prices.  If you have a firewire connection on your computer and need a high quality audio interface with excellent pre-amps and a great software bundle, these are great options to consider.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Looking for an inexpensive USB keyboard with built in sounds and speakers? Check out the Keytek SEK2176. With 61 keys, the Keytek is a versatile keyboard that is ideal for practicing away from or at your computer.

Unlike many of the other keyboards we carry, you can use this one without your computer, and you don’t even have to worry about speakers or a keyboard amp.

If you plan on using the keyboard for more than just entering music into your computer, check out our bundle with the stand and bench.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Buy Addictive Drums, get an AdPak Free!

Buy Addictive Drums before the end of October and receive one ADpak free from XLN Audio when you register. (Retro cannot be the free ADpak.)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

IK Multimedia "Total Bundles" - amazing price until the end of the month

IK Multimedia's Total Studio 3 Bundle and Total Workstation XL are exceptional values at the regular price.  This month's sale makes them even more amazing!

For only $199, the Total Workstation XL includes a wide range of Virtual Instruments plug-ins with 5 critically acclaimed workstations for 28 GB of samples and over 14,000 sounds covering every instrument and style from orchestral to rock, hip-hop to electronica. 

For $249, the Total Studio 3 Bundle includes: SampleTank 2.5 XL, Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth 2, SampleMoog, SampleTron + 15Gig Xpnsion Tank Instruments, AmpliTube 3, T-RackS 3 Deluxe, and CSR.
These two bundles will work with virtually and recording software and offer incredible value.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Izotope RX2 on sale until the end of October

The incredibly powerful RX 2 audio restoration software from Izotope is on sale until the end of the month.

Check out the overview video to see how easy it is to fix audio problems with RX 2.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Want to learn to play the guitar, or make practicing more fun? The eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe includes everything you need to learn to play with 355 audio and video enhanced lessons and over 150 songs. Also included are an automatic tuner, metronome, recorder, 1000-chord dictionary, a scale directory and more.

In Guitar Method, Instant Feedback shows you when you play the correct notes on your guitar as you progress through an exercise. With a microphone connected to your computer and a guitar in your hand, play the notes in the exercise (or song) on any screen featuring the “ear” icon in the upper right corner and the computer will highlight the notes for you in green. As you reach your goals of getting all notes to change color in each exercise, you’ll discover that reading tablature and music notation is easier than you ever thought possible!

Guitar Method also features a Note Tracker and Finger Tracker to help you see more easily what note you’re playing by displaying the note as music notation and on an animated fretboard. You’ll be able to correct your playing quickly and learn to read music fast!

Practice should be fun! After you’ve been prepped with exercises designed to teach you to read tablature and notation, try the interactive flash card quizzes to reinforce what you have learned. Flash Quizzes in Guitar Method utilize the Pitch Tracking technology to detect notes played on your acoustic guitar!

Over 350 easy-to-follow lessons start with the basics, such as stringing the guitar, and move to playing simple chords and strumming styles, including modern rock strumming and power chords. They continue on with reading tablature, playing melodies, fingerpicking, and standard music notation. The intermediate volume moves on with additional techniques in exciting solos, barre chords, fingerstyle guitar, scales and improvisation. Your teacher is professional guitarist Kevin Garry, Ph.D., from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The excellent teaching he offers will get you playing quickly!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aiturn BT-105 with 4 pedals!

The BT-105 from Airturn is one of our more popular bluetooth page turners.  Just in case forward and back isn't enough for you, we now have the 4 pedal model available!  This bundle includes the BT-105 bluetooth module, 4 silent ATFS pedals and a handy pedal board to make sure they don't get tangled up.

So why 4 pedals?  Mac and PC users can get started right away with any app that can work with arrow keys or programmable hotkeys.

Some examples include:
- VLC Media Player, a free, open source audio and video player program for Mac and PC computers 
- ProPresenter, a full featured multimedia presentation program for Mac and PC computers
- EasyWorship, another full featured media presentation program for Windows computers

A popular iPad app that can take advantage of the AT-PB’s 4 pedal control right away is OnSong