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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vocal Express

Vocal Express is a bundle of five essential vocal processing plug-ins designed to make it incredibly easy to create polished, great-sounding vocal tracks.

Combining Auto-Tune pitch correction, stereo doubling, smart compression and limiting, analog tube modeling and extreme voice mangling, the Vocal Express plug-ins take advantage of Antares' ground-breaking Evo Voice Processing Technology to provide professional results with a minimum of hassle. Whether you're using GarageBand, Logic, Live, Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar or other leading digital recording software, Vocal Express adds Antares' world-class vocal processing tools to your production workflow.

Vocal Express includes:
Auto-Tune EFX 2
Real-time Auto-Tune Vocal Effect and Pitch Correction
Correct pitch and create the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect.

Vocal Impact Enhancer
Make your vocal cut through the mix with power and clarity.

Stereo Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler
Create a rich vocal sound with automatic stereo doubling.

Tube Saturation Generator
Give your vocal the warmth of a classic tube preamp.

Extreme Vocal Designer
Create a virtually unlimited variety of weird, monstrous or downright wacky voices.

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