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Thursday, June 14, 2012

PianoBox II General MIDI Sound Module - coming soon!

The ever popular PianoBox General MIDI Sound Module has been updated! The PianoBox II is due in from Germany towards the end of June, at which time we hope to have a video up on our site for it.
The updated version replaces the red LCD with cool blue and features a revamped user interface, making it even easier to delve into the various settings such as instrument, reverb, velocity, tempo, drum styles and more.

Ideal for use with keyboards, your computer, or as a stand alone drum machine, the PianoBox provides an easy way to get realistic playback with zero latency.

Many USB keyboards don’t include built in sounds, which means you can’t play the keyboard without starting up your computer. If you are relying on your computer for sounds for your keyboard, you will experience latency, or a delay between when you strike a key and when you hear the sound – and then the sound may not be very good! The PianoBox solves this problem! Just connect your keyboard to the PianoBox and there is no need for your computer. The PianoBox offers zero latency playback, and it sounds much better than the sounds built into your computer.

If you are a guitar player, you can use the Direct Input to connect your guitar, and practice songs and riffs by using the PianoBox drum patterns as a drum machine. The PianoBox includes 100 different modern styles to play along with! Select the drum pattern, adjust the tempo and start jamming!
We are clearing out the original PianoBox to make room for the PianoBox II. These are an incredible value, since they sound the same as the PianoBox II!

Update: check our our new YouTube overview video:

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