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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Farfisa Pocket FX-1000 Portable General MIDI Sound Module

General MIDI Sound Modules are hard to find these days, especially with the widespread use of software synths.  Even notation programs like Print Music, Finale and Sibelius all use built in software synths.

However, if you don't want to deal with the problems that can be caused by latency when working with software synths, a GM sound module is the perfect solution.  (Latency is the delay between when you strike a key and when you hear the sound.  This can be very frustrating and results in problems when recording into your computer.  See our article on Eliminating Latency for more information.)

GM sound modules are also ideal if you have a keyboard that doesn't have any built in sounds.  If you want to get sound out of your keyboard, you simply connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of your keyboard to the MIDI In on a GM sound module and you won't need your computer anymore!

The PianoBox from MidiTech is a hugely popular GM sound module, especially since the price is very attractive.  However, there is one big disadvantage - it requires a power supply.

This is where the Farfisa FX-1000 comes in!  It sounds great, and its natural expressiveness make it perfect for anyone who uses MIDI.  The FX 1000 can also play a “vintage section” realized with the modern digital technologies by using your computer.  However, the big advantage is that the FX-1000 can connect to your computer through USB and is also powered through USB so you can power it from your laptop.

The FX-1000 offers up to 64 voices of polyphony.  It is General MIDI compliant, which means it has 128 GM Sounds plus 133 Variation  and 10 Drum sets.  It offers two independent MIDI channels: "USB Midi 1"and "USB Midi 2 / Midi-In."

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