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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

IRIG MIC CAST - portable voice recording microphone

The new iRig MIC Cast from IK Multimedia is an ultra-compact, portable voice recording microphone designed specifically for recording podcasts, interviews, lectures, voice memos, speeches and more.

iRig MIC Cast provides a pocket-sized voice recording solution with crystal-clear audio quality. It features a tight unidirectional pickup pattern that minimizes background noise, making it ideal for single-source audio recording.

This makes iRig MIC Cast also great for business applications like recording meetings and enhancing the audio and voice quality of conference calls.

Not only does the iRig Mic work as a microphone, but it also features a stereo mini-jack headphone output which enables real-time monitoring of what is being recorded using headphones or speakers.

It also includes an adjustable desktop stand for convenient iPhone/iPod touch positioning during recording.

The iRig Mic Cast is less expensive than other solutions, such as Tascam's IM2.  However, the IM2 includes its own pre-amp and A/D converter so the quality will be better than the iRig, which relies on your iOS device's A/D converter.

The real appeal of the iRig Mic is the small size and price.  If you want to use your own, higher quality mic, and don't mind the space it takes up, the Ipface from MidiTech is a better choice since you can also use it to conenct a guitar to your iOS device.

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