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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SoundSaver - inexpensive way to convert your tapes or vinyl to CD/MP3

Looking for an easy way to transfer your tape or vinyl collection to your computer?  Products like SoundSoap are an excellent choice if you want the best possible results.  However, if you want an inexpensive solution that is also easy to use, then check out SoundSaver from Bias. 

Simply connect, record, clean, and export — directly to iTunes, as MP3, or uncompressed WAV files for CD/DVD burning!  Archiving your LPs and tapes has never been easier — SoundSaver delivers pro-quality results at an affordable price!

The Connection Page guides you through making the physical connection between your stereo system (or other audio source) and your computer.   Once connected, it can automatically set the recording level for you (or you can set it manually).
We recommend using a USB audio interface such as the AudioFace II or the Stereo IO to connect your tape deck or turntable to your computer.  They are super easy to use - just connect the included USB cable to your computer, and then use the RCA inputs to hook up your equipment.  The results will be much, much better than using the soundcard built into your computer.

The Record Page is where you can start a new audio recording, and set up various recording options, such as a Record Timer, adding Track Markers, and adjusting the speed of 78 RPM records.
Once you've made a recording, you'll most likely want to clean up any clicks, crackles, hiss, hum, and rumble. In the Clean Page you'll find all the tools you need to make your recording squeaky clean!

Whether you're recording typical commercially produced records and tapes that have gaps between tracks — or continuous-play DJ mixes or live concerts, SoundSaver has you covered!

When you've finished recording and editing your project, it's time to export and enjoy it!
SoundSaver can export MP3 files (with embedded ID3 tags), high-quality WAV files for burning to CD, directly into your iTunes library, or as a SoundSaver project file.

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