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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Acorn Triple D5 Electronic Dum Kit

Have you been looking for an affordable electronic drum kit? Want to use some of the great sounding virtual drum kits but want to play a real drum kit instead of a keyboard? Check out the Acorn Triple D5 drum kit!
Triple-D5 dynamic digital drum kit is a fully featured kit that plays really well, sounds great, is easy to use, is compact and roadworthy, offers incredible value and is ideal for live performance, practicing or computer music composition. Most importantly, Triple-D5 is a great instrument.

Utilizing digital technology it delivers vast choice of sounds recorded from renowned acoustic drum kits. Each type of pad is controlled by its own velocity curve to provide as dynamic and consistent a response as possible. The rubber coated pads provide just exactly the right amount of bounce to make the kit comfortable to play, and avoid fatigue. 
The included drum brain feature both internal sounds and USB for external connectivity. The internal library of sounds range across pretty much any style, from standard acoustic, rock, reggae, latin and jazz, to electronic, dance, experimental kits and plenty in between. The professionally sampled instruments were recorded using a selection of close and overhead microphones as well as a wide selection of high-end acoustic drums. The techniques captured the characteristics of each instrument and the final result is a great selection of well produced kits.
With a total of 327 different instruments, there is plenty of choice. Each instrument can form part of any kit and the final result can be stored to any of the 30 kit locations. Build-in mixing capability allows level to be adjusted for every instrument plus effects such as reverb and chorus can be programmed for each kit individually.
Sensitive durable rubber coated pads provide a fast, active response and each pad can be individually tailored to different playing styles by adjusting sensitivity, threshold and selecting velocity curves. The drum frame is manufactured from extruded aluminum to ensure the Triple-D5 is road worthy and portable. Every pad instrument can be angle and height adjusted to suit a players requirements.

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