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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

M-Audio FastTrack C400 and Fast Track C600

M-Audio has updated their popular Fast Track USB Audio Interface series with two new products – the Fast Track C400 and Fast Track C600. Both include Pro Tools SE so you can get started recording right away. You can also get the full power of Pro Tools by purchasing the Fast Track C400 with Pro Tools MP9 or the Fast Track C600 with Pro Tools MP9.

The next-generation designs combine an audio interface with tactile controls and built-in monitor management system, providing an integrated creative workflow.

The Fast Track C400 is a 4x6 Recording Interface with DSP and the Fast Track C600 is a 6x8 Recording Interface with DSP. Both units have 24-bit/96 kHz audio fidelity, top-panel controls, an assignable multi button, near-zero latency monitor mixer with built-in reverb, delay effects and a built-in monitor management system.

The assignable multi-button is a great idea as you can perform critical tasks without touching a mouse. For example, press the Multi button once to start recording, a second time to stop and return to where you started, and a third time to capture another take. Imagine the possibilities of programming any sequence of up to eight steps—for any software program that supports ASCII key commands—or use the convenient preset workflows with Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Live, and Reason.

Another feature that pushes these new Fast Track units into the “pro” category is the addition of a monitor management system. If you've been looking for an easy way to A/B your mixes on multiple sets of speakers, Fast Track C400 is the answer. There's no need to purchase additional hardware—the built-in monitor management system makes it easy to audition your mixes on up to two sets of studio monitors (or one set of monitors and a subwoofer).

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