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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AudioFace II - low latency audio interface for under $50!

AudioFace II
 Looking for an inexpensive USB audio interface (soundcard)? Check out the new AudioFace II from the German company MidiTech!

The AudioFace II is a fast, inexpensive USB audio interface is perfect for laptop or desktop use. It is class compliant, so you can just plug it in, and it works!

If you install the ASIO driver it is a great solution for “on the road-sessions” where you need low latency and quality sound. You can play your VST instruments faster than ever and in a great sound quality with the AUDIOFACE II USB!

The aluminum construction makes the AudioFace II a durable companion for travelling. No more suffering with your build in soundcard because you left your audio interface for fear of damaging it.

In addition to low latency playback, the AudioFace II is perfect for recording from line level devices such as a tape deck. Just plug in the RCA cables to the input on the AudioLink, adjust your levels and start recording.

The AudioFace II also offers a S/PDIF digital output, which is usually only found in much more expensive audio interfaces. Use the digital output to your home theater system or digital speakers for pure digital playback.

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