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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photoscore & Audioscore Ultimate 7

In conjunction with the release of Sibeilus 7, Neuratron has released Photoscore & Audioscore 7.

If you need to scan music into Sibelius, Finale or any other notation program, Photoscore 7 can save you a lot of time! Scan any music (including hand written music), or open any PDF into Photoscore and then you can transpose, edit, arrange, playback or send to Sibelius or Finale. It is available for electronic delivery, and you can download a trial version before purchasing.

If you would prefer to sing, play or transcribe music from a CD or MP3, then AudioScore 7 is what you need. Try the demo version to see if it works for the music you are planning on using. If it does what you need, you can purchase it for electronic delivery as well.

If you already own either program, you will need to contact Neuratron for an upgrade as they do not sell upgrades through dealers.

Number 1 Hits EZX

EZ Drummer users know that you can never have too many drum samples. The new Number 1 Hits EZX Expansion for EZ Drummer doesn’t disappoint. The mission was as simple as it was bold; create a fusion between organic, electronic, high-tech and vintage - a sound library that covers classic sounds but carry them into the new decade, a collection a drums that would sit right away in any contemporary pop, dance, house or hip hop mix.

Toontrack ended up with Number 1 Hits, which is not only an EZX expansion for EZdrummer, it's a bonafide hit-machine in itself. When sound designer Niklas Flyckt played the finished product for Toontrack, they were amazed at how organic, pumping and throbbing it sounded. "All you have to do is take any of the included grooves, burn it on a disk and you'll have a club hit", was Toontrack's Mattias Eklund's first comment.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Important Changes to Sibeilus 7 Academic Qualification Requirements affecting church musicians, private music teachers and more...

We are really excited about all of the great new features in Sibelius 7.  Unfortunately, there were some changes to the academic qualification requirements that make impact negatively on some of our customers.

Sibelius 7 Announced - Upgrades Available!

We are very excited that Avid has released Sibelius 7 today!  With lots of exciting new features, we definitely recommend considering upgrading.

Sibelius 7 Upgrade

Sibelius 7With a new "task oriented" user interface and a huge new sound library, there are lots of great reasons to upgrade to Sibelius 7.  I've listed a number of them later in this message, but if you are ready to order, you can use the links below.  Don't have Sibelius yet?  You can purchase Sibelius 7 or the Sibelius 7 Competitive Upgrade.
Sibelius 7 Tips:
  • Sibelius 7 does not include a printed manual, you can add one to your order here.
  • Sibelius 7 includes 90 days of free tech support. We recommend that you purchase an Annual Support Contract for $99 so that you can get the help you need from Avid after the initial 90 days.
  • Sibelius 7 requires a low latency ASIO or AU compatible audio interface (soundcard) for using the sound library. We recommend the AudioFace II USB, AudioLink II USB or most any of the audio interfaces in our buyer’s guide. Contact us for more information.
  • A USB MIDI keyboard makes entering notes into Sibelius much faster. The i2 GarageKey 37 is an ideal USB MIDI keyboard – just plug it in, and it works. For more options, visit our keyboard buyer’s guide.

Sibelius 7 New Features

Sibelius 7Task-oriented user interface
The brand-new Sibelius 7 user interface provides task-focused tabs that lead you through the process of creating a score from start to finish. Every feature has both an icon and a text description—with full contextual help available when you need it.

Professional sound library—only in Sibelius
You finesse every detail of your score—you want to hear every nuance during playback. Sibelius 7 includes more than 38 GB of professional content, including a specially recorded symphony orchestra, rock and pop instruments, and much more.

Native 64-bit support—only in Sibelius
Sibelius 7 is the world’s first 64-bit notation software, enabling you to unlock the full power of your 64-bit system—and work more quickly, with more virtual instruments and effects, than ever before.

Optimized for single monitor use—only in Sibelius
We understand that many of our customers favor laptops or other single-display systems. That’s why we designed the Sibelius 7 interface to allow you to focus on the music at all times—and easily hide information that you only need to see occasionally.

Switch to Sibelius from Finale
There’s never been a better time to switch from Finale® to Sibelius. Sibelius now features a step-time note input method that is very similar to Finale software’s Speedy Entry method—right down to using many of the same keystrokes. So if you know how to input notes in Finale, you know Sibelius too. And because today’s workflows include a wide variety of software applications, Sibelius 7 now includes full MusicXML export capability, so you can exchange files with hundreds of other applications, including Finale.

Text and typography enhancements
Take advantage of the latest OpenType fonts, including advanced features like ligatures, and employ them in text frames with full Desktop Publishing (DTP) level capabilities. There’s no need to export projects to a separate DTP application—now you can complete many of them within Sibelius 7.

Graphics import and export
Sibelius 7 makes it easy to import graphics in all major formats, then manipulate them to build complex layouts for publishing, creating teaching materials, instructional books, and more. You can export the full score as publication-quality graphics in PDF format, plus individual pages or smaller sections in EPS, PNG, and SVG formats.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sonar X1 Power

Need some help getting the most from Sonar X1? Check out the new SONAR X1 POWER!: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE. Written for both new users and veteran upgraders alike, SONAR X1 POWER! walks users through all of the features of the software with step-by-step instructions and exercises. New users will start at the beginning and learn everything they need to know to use SONAR for recording, editing, producing, mixing, and bringing their music to the masses. Upgraders will learn about all the new features in SONAR X1 as well as enhancements to existing features that may affect their current production workflow.

Friday, July 22, 2011

40% off popular East West products

Until the end of the month, save 40% off the regular price on a wide range of East West products. Look for the "On Sale" indicator in our list of East West products.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Video: Eliminating Latency with the PianoBox GM Sound Module

The PianoBox General MIDI Sound Module can eliminate the latency or delay that can cause problems with recording into notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, Print Music, Allegro, MusicTime, Encore and other programs.

It is also ideal for use with MIDI Keyboards as it eliminates the delay between when you strike the key and hear the sound.

Here is a video:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video: AudioLink II with iPad for recording mics, guitars into your iPad

The AudioLink II USB Audio Interface works with any PC, Mac or your iPad to record from mics, guitars or line level devices. Use the Apple Camera Connection Kit to connect the AudioLink II to your iPad and record from your condenser or dynamic mic, guitar, bass or anything else directly to any app on your iPad.

Check out the video here:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eliminating Latency/Delay with Notation Software & Software Synths

If you use a notation program such as Sibelius, Finale, Print Music or MusicTime, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of latency.

Latency is the delay between when you strike a key on a MIDI keyboard and when your computer creates the sound. This can make it impossible to properly record and line notes up and is very frustrating!

Even if you don’t use a notation program, but work with software synths, VSTi’s or virtual instruments such as those from EastWest, Steinberg, IK Multimedia, AAS or any others, you know how big a problem latency can be! If you want to use a software synth live, or even if you want to record and have your tracks line up, you can’t be worrying about latency.

Fortunately, there are two easy solutions, and we now have a video that explains what latency is, why it happens and how to fix it!

Check out the video for the solutions:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Need a silent foot switch? Check out the Airturn ATFS-2

Airturn's BT-105 bluetooth page turner for PC, Mac and iPad along with their USB wireless AT-104 page turner have been hugely popular both in Canada and the US.  They are designed so you can use them with any pedal, and we even have some bundles that include the BOSS FS-5U foot switch.

However, for live performance, a silent foot switch is the best choice.  Airturn's ATFS-2 is designed to be the quietest consumer foot switch on the market today.  It is a great companion to the BT-105. The ATFS-2 features a proprietary "mechanism free" design, where there are no moving parts aside from the molded hinge.

How did they do this?  The switch is actuated with a rare earth neodymium magnet and a rhodium reed switch, both of which are embedded within the body of the foot switch. Manufactured in Colorado, the ATFS-2 is injection molded with a unique blend of high strength plastics, which makes the foot switch virtually indestructible.

Check out our bundles that include the BT-105 and the ATFS-2 switch.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hollywood Brass Now Available - introductory price until the end of July

The second installment in the Hollywood series, Hollywood Brass was recorded in EastWest Studio 1, widely regarded as the "best brass recording room in the entire world."  Introductory pricing is available until the end of July on both the Hollywood Brass Gold and Hollywood Brass Diamond.

With 5 true mic positions, Hollywood Brass is designed to work seamlessly with Hollywood Strings (and the upcoming Woodwinds and Percussion). Running on the next generation and completely revamped engine, PLAY 3, Hollywood Brass will run flawlessly on your system along with Hollywood Strings.
Hollywood Brass ships on a hard drive and is approximately 150 gigabytes of pure Hollywood magic. A world class group of brass artists, worthy of a Shawn Murphy recording, was gathered for this brass sampling marathon which lasted for 21 straight 11 hour days followed by a year of post production.  (Pity the brass players who had to play that long!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Traktor Kontrol S4 Upgrade Kit!

Purchase the Traktor Kontrol S4 during July and receive a free Traktor Kontrol S4 Upgrade Kit from Native Instruments!

The Traktor Kontrol S4 Upgrade Kit allows S4 users to control pitch, scratching, and transport functions of the S4 via analog turntables or CDJs (not included). It includes TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 software plus 2 timecode vinyls / 2 CDs. It does not require the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interface, since you connect your turntables & CD decks to the S4 audio inputs. You will receive an automated e-mail with a voucher within 24 hours of registering your Traktor Pro S4 or Traktor Pro 2 software that comes with the S4. The upgrade comes from Native Instruments directly, please see their website for offer details.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AudioFace II - low latency audio interface for under $50!

AudioFace II
 Looking for an inexpensive USB audio interface (soundcard)? Check out the new AudioFace II from the German company MidiTech!

The AudioFace II is a fast, inexpensive USB audio interface is perfect for laptop or desktop use. It is class compliant, so you can just plug it in, and it works!

If you install the ASIO driver it is a great solution for “on the road-sessions” where you need low latency and quality sound. You can play your VST instruments faster than ever and in a great sound quality with the AUDIOFACE II USB!

Friday, July 1, 2011

AudioLink II - iPad audio interface for connecting mics, guitars, line level and more!

We just tested the AudioLink II with the Apple Camera Connection Kit and it works really well with the iPad 2!  The AudioLink II is a USB audio interface with an XLR input for microphones, a 1/4" guitar input as well as RCA line level inputs for connecting keyboards, CD players, tape decks, turntables, etc.

This means you can record from your microphones, guitar, keyboards, etc. directly onto your iPad into apps such as GarageBand.  If you have been looking for an affordable way to use your existing gear to record into your iPad, the AudioLink II is the solution.

Simply connect the AudioLink II USB audio interface to the Apple Camera Connection kit.  Load any recording app, such as GarageBand, and connect your mic, guitar, turntable or keyboard directly to your iPad through the AudioLink II.

The AudioLink II even provides phantom power to condenser mics so you can use your own condenser mics with your iPad.  However, the iPad can't seem to provide enough power for phantom power in all cases, so you may need to power the AudioLink II through a 5v power supply (not included.)

We hope to have a video up soon demonstrating the AudioLink II working with the iPad 2.

You can view a 3D overview of the AudioLink II while you wait for the video.