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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Using your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for music

There are many exciting ways that you can use your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad for music. Our buyer’s guide gives you some ideas on how to use your iPod, iPhone or iPad for reading, making or recording music, but feel free to contact us if you have questions or need more ideas on how to put your iOS device to work!
Click on a product name below for more information - including videos for some products.

Sheet Music
There are lots of great apps for displaying and organizing sheet music on your iPad. To get the most of our using your iPad for reading music, you will want to use the PageFlip or BT-105 bluetooth wireless page turners so you can turn pages while playing!

Instead of sitting your iPad on a music stand and hoping it doesn’t fall off, try the iKlip or the TabStation to securely hold your iPad for viewing music.

Playing/Recording Music
Want to use a keyboard with your iPad to record into GarageBand or other MIDI enabled apps? The MidiTech MidiStart Music 25 and i2 Control 25 work great with the iPad! Just plug the USB cable into the Camera Connection Kit and the iPad will even power the keyboards. You can then play or record using the great sounding synths built into GarageBand on the iPad. (At $4.99 the GarageBand app is a must have for any musician!)

Already have a keyboard? The MidiFace II Thru will connect your existing keyboard to the Camera Connection Kit on your iPad.

Want to connect a MIDI device to your iPhone instead? Try the MIDI Mobilizer.

Want to record vocals into your Apple iOS device? Pick up the iRig Mic and start recording with the free Vocalizer app that is included.

Did you know your iPod, iPhone or iPad can be a great sounding guitar amp? Connect your guitar by using the very popular iRig and now you have a portable guitar amp sim, plus a recording studio!

Kelly is working on videos for a number of products that we've been testing with the iPad, but if you have questions, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we would be happy to help!

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