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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sibelius 6 Student Edition – Licensing Made Easy!

Sibelius 6 Student Edition not only offers a great value to schools who wish to use the popular notation program with students, but it also makes licensing a breeze. In fact, the licensing is so easy and flexible we wish all software came with this option!
Here’s how it works:
The Network Pack includes one seat of the full Sibelius 6 product for the teacher, and 20 seats of Sibelius 6 Student for the student workstations, all linked together using the Sibelius Licence Server. With the Licence Server, schools can install Sibelius Student on as many computers as they like, including those in, say, the library as well as in the music classroom, and the Licence Server will only allow 20 client copies to run at any time.

Some seats can even be allocated as “check out licenses”, allowing students to temporarily check out a seat from the Licence Server to run on their laptop and take away from the school. These seats automatically expire after a period specified by the school’s Licence Server, at which point the seats are returned to the pool of available floating licenses.

The Sibelius Student Network Pack also includes Sibelius 6’s Classroom Control feature, allowing the teacher to monitor student activity from a simple window within Sibelius, push and pull files to and from student workstations, freeze all the classroom workstations to focus attention on the front of the class, or send messages to individual or all workstations.

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