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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

VoiceLive Touch - perfect performance tool for vocalists

The VoiceLive Touch is the first vocal processor and looper with a touch interface. Not only does it sound great, but it looks good too! It is also very easy to use and is the perfect companion for any vocalist whether you sing live or record in the studio. TC designed it so that it can easily be mounted on a mic stand or put next to your computer or keyboard.

In addition to the usual vocal harmony and effects, the VoiceLive Touch includes VLOOP for vocal looping of vocals and guitar input. It supports up to 30 seconds of stereo looping and you can create up to 25 separate loops and then use features such as as overdub, undo and multiply. If harmony is more your thing, it offers 8 voices of NaturalPlay harmonies controlled by guitar, MIDI, or USB/Aux input. Of course, all of the usual vocal effects are included to make your vocals shine.

Obviously the engineers who designed the VoiceLive Touch must have used it in performance, since they included a “talk” button that bypasses all effects so you talk with the audience. It also offers 25 favorites settings that allow you to store and recall your customized effects quickly.

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