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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pro Tools 9 MP (M-Powered)

Pro Tools 9 has been hugely popular - especially the academic version that includes four years of free upgrades from Avid. Pro Tools 9 will now work with any audio interface – you don’t need an mBox to use Pro Tools 9.

The only disadvantage with Pro Tools 9 is the price – and now Avid has released a low cost Pro Tools solution with Pro Tools MP 9. Replacing Pro Tools M-Powered 8, Pro Tools MP 9 has most of the features as the full version of Pro Tools 9, but requires an M-Audio audio interface.

In addition to the requirement that you use Pro Tools 9 MP with an M-Audio interface, the MP version of Pro Tools 9 has a few other limitations when compared to the full version. However, for many people, these limitations aren’t a problem and are well worth the cost savings. For example, MP9 supports a maximum of 48 tracks, compared to 96 in the full PT9. Other limitations include 18 maximum audio tracks recorded at once (vs. 32), 32 instead of 64 virtual instrument tracks and a max sampling rate of 96 Khz instead of 192 Khz.

If you don’t already have an M-Audio interface, Avid is offering three bundles with their most popular sound cards:
The bundles are available now, while the software by itself won’t be available until later in May, so if you already have an M-Audio interface and just need the software, you can pre-order now. We don’t charge your credit card until it ships, and you can cancel at any time.  You can also order Pro Tools 8 M-Powered and receive a free upgrade to Pro Tools 9 MP directly from Avid - you will be able to download the upgrade as soon as you register, so you don't have to wait until Pro Tools 9 MP is available!


  1. We now have academic pricing for students and teachers for Pro Tools MP 9. This means students or teachers can take advantage of special pricing and get Pro Tools M-Powered 9 for less than 1/2 the regular price! This is a huge student discount for Pro Tools 9 MP and is a great way to get started with Pro Tools.

    1. how much for the acedemic version and where do I go to get it?

  2. Avid is discontinuing Pro Tools MP9 and has reduced the price to $99. You can find out more in this blog entry: http://blog.kellys-music.com/2012/02/big-price-drops-on-pro-tools-mp9.html where you will also find links to purchase it at the $99 price.