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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Melodyne Essential - the power of Melodyne for only $69!

If you’ve been checking out some the really cool things you can do with Melodyne, but didn’t want to spend the money on it, Melodyne Essential is what you’ve been waiting for! At $69, Melodyne Essential is the most affordable point of entry into the world of Melodyne. Correct and optimize monophonic or rhythmic audio material in the manner only Melodyne allows. Perfect the intonation and timing via macro or in a more targeted way by hand. Transpose, move or erase notes and copy individual notes or entire passages to different locations.
So what are you missing if you decide to get Melodyne Essential instead of Melodyne Assistant, Editor or Studio? Unlike the rest of the Melodyne series, Essential doesn’t have any MIDI functions so you can’t convert audio to MIDI for using in a notation program. It also only has basic functions for pitch and timing, and doesn’t include the ability to adjust vibrato, formants and amplitude like the other versions of Melodyne.

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