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Monday, March 28, 2011

Izotope RX 2 - Complete Audio Repair

Izotope's RX audio repair software has recently been updated to RX 2.  Be sure to click on the "Downloads" tab to request some videos that demonstrate that amazing ability of RX to clean and restore damaged audio recordings.  It is very impressive indeed!

What's new?  There are plenty of new features to make this an important upgrade.  Here are the new features:

New features include:

New Denoiser Algorithms

New Global Smoothing control reduces the distracting, watery artifacts introduced by most denoiser algorithms and a high-frequency enhancement avoids the dullness commonly associated with noise suppression.

Improved Declick & New Decrackle

Declick features improved click detection and new Decrackle algorithm designed to treat continuous background crackle from vinyl and older media.

Freehand Selection & Magic Wand

New Lasso, Brush and Magic Wand tools allow natural, freehand selections of problem sounds. Additionally, the Magic Wand can automatically select a sound and its harmonics for incredibly fast editing.

Improved Batch Processing

Updated batch processor streamlines your workflow by letting you chain multiple modules, process multiple files and use multiple CPUs.

Intelligent Hum Module

Automatically identify the base frequency of hum for precise removal. The module will even recommend when the Denoiser should be used to more effectively treat certain kinds of hum.

Session Support

Your edit history is automatically saved when you quit and reloaded when you restart. The entire state of the program including your selection is saved. This new feature also works in the event of a computer crash or power outage, so you can get back up and running immediately.

Channel and Phase Operations

New Channel Ops module features left/right channel mixing and arbitrary phase rotation operations, both of which are crucial when restoring audio transferred from tape.

Pre-roll and Post-roll Support

Customize the amount of audio played before and after an edit for context when previewing edits.

Fade Support

The Gain module now includes support for fades with several fade types.

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