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Monday, February 21, 2011

Roland CD-2i CD/SD Recorder - perfect for teachers and students

Sometimes you just want to record and burn a CD without the hassles of setting levels, setting up your gear, transferring everything to your computer and then burning a CD. If that describes your goal - point, record, play, and burn, then the new CD-2i from Roland is what you’ve been looking for!

With the Roland CD-2i, everything is self-contained, with no computer or external gear required. With a clear LCD screen, backlit buttons, and Easy Guide feature, the CD-2i is super easy to use. Of course, as you would expect from a company like Roland, it includes a high-quality stereo microphone is built in, along with XLR, 1/4-inch, and RCA inputs. You can record directly to CD or the SD card, and immediately play back on the built in speakers.

To ensure that you can focus on your music, and not the recording process, Roland’s popular “REHEARSAL” function is included – it will set the best input level for recording automatically. On playback you can adjust the key and speed, or use center cancel. The built in metronome means you have everything you need in one device, and it can run from the included AC adaptor or 6 AA batteries.

The only missing features that I’ve found with the CD-2i is that you can’t record to MP3, and it doesn’t include a tuner like the BB-800 (which can't burn CDs) or BB-1000 (which can burn CDs). However, we usually recommend that you record to WAV instead of MP3, and convert to MP3 later. This gives you higher quality recordings to start with, plus the flexibility of burning a CD. Recording directly to MP3 is not a good idea when you want to make a CD, since the quality is poorer and converting from MP3 to WAV doesn’t restore any of the quality.

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