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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rain Recording Price Drops

We recently lowered prices on some of the more popular Rain Computers computer systems, so if you are interested in a laptop or desktop computer specifically designed for musicians, be sure to check out the Rain line-up. In addition to the products on our website, we have access to the complete Rain product line, and every machine can be customized to your specs.

Why Rain? We love them for two big reasons. The first is that the machines they design, build and test are created especially for creating music. This means they are quiet, stable and use the best possible components to ensure reliability. They are fully tested for all major music software, and they tweak Windows 7 to perform at the optimum levels for music production.

The second feature we love about Rain is the RainCare Encompass Support. For an extra $300, you get a three year hardware warranty, plus a three year support contract. Rain helps you get to the bottom of your issue and back to work quickly. By taking accountability for your complete creative computing solution, Rain becomes your single point of contact - no more getting passed around by tech support from different companies. The RainCare Support network is uniquely designed to solve issues common to audio and video production. By email, phone, and RainCare Remote Login Support, they will help you diagnose the issue, solve it, and get you back to what's really important.

An all too common scenario is playing the “pass the buck” game when it comes to solving problems. For example, you start experiencing drop outs when using a great new plug-in. You contact the support team for the plug-in developer and they claim the problem must be with the DAW or host you are using. So you check with them, and they never get back to you, but you read on a forum that it could be a problem with your audio interface. You pay for a support ticket with the manufacturer of your audio interface and they blame it on the chipset on your motherboard. You fire off an e-mail to Taiwan and a few months later the reply is that Microsoft is at fault. You finally reach someone at Microsoft that knows what they are talking about – and guess what, they blame it on your plug-in! With the RainCare Encompass you have one number to call, and they solve the problem – well worth the $100 a year!

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