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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

M-Audio GSR Series Live Sound Speakers

Have you been looking for PA speakers that sound great, are road-worthy but are still affordable? Check out the new GSR series from M-Audio. Developed by the same engineering team behind their popular studio reference monitors, the M-Audio GSR series offers exceptional, pro-quality sound and reliable, road-worthy performance. Perfect for musicians and DJs in small- to mid-size venues!
The GSR series include a state-of-the-art Class-D, bi-amplified design, carefully matched transducers, and use proprietary wave guide technology to ensures wide dispersion of the mid and high frequencies. Presets make it easy to dial in the right sound for every application—from public address to live performance.
With three options to choose from, one should fit your needs (and your budget!):
  • The GSR-10 provides a two-way 250 watt class D bi-amped active speaker and weigh 25lbs each. They are available for $399.99 each.
  • The GS-12 moves up to 300 watts with a 12” low frequency driver, weigh 31lbs and are a great value at only $100 more than the GSR-10
  • The GS-18 serves up 500 watts of low end with an 18” low frequency driver and you may want some help lifting them since they weigh 71 lbs each. 8128

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