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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Details on the UA-1010 8 Channel Audio Interface...

I had a chance to play with Roland's new UA-1010 "Octa-Capture" USB 2.0 audio interface at NAMM today and came away very impressed.

I already expected good things from it, since I knew it used the VS PREAMP for all 8 inputs.  I also expect a lot from Roland's drivers since they are always stable, but I didn't realize the latency would be 8 ms or less.  I also didn't realize how useful the "Auto-Sens" feature could be.  Here's how it works: activate the AUTO-SENS feature (push a button - no menus to play with), play your connected instruments, and the UA-1010 automatically sets the recording level for each input. It’s great for quick, fail-safe audio capture.

Although it is listed in the specs, I somehow missed the fact that you can use up to two units on the same computer, for up to 16 input channels and 8 output channels.

The only complaint?  The name!  Octa-Capture?  Sounds like something involving tentacles...

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