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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canadian Customers - important warranty/service info on Tascam and Roland products

With the Canadian dollar at or above par, it can be tempting to purchase from US dealers.  Keep in mind that the cost in the shopping cart isn't the total price.

Despite advertising otherwise, we aren't aware of any US dealer that ships to Canada free (unlike Kelly's Music & Computers, which offers free shipping from our Canadian warehouse on orders over $149.)  As well, you will have to pay UPS brokerage charges, which typically add another $40-$100 - check the UPS website for details on this.  Since we ship Canadian orders from our Canadian warehouse (and US orders from our US warehouse), we pay all of these fees for you - so you know exactly what the total is, no surprises, and nothing more to pay when the product arrives at your door.

Perhaps more importantly, many manufacturers will not honour the warranty if purchased from the US.  For example, if you buy a Roland or Tascam product from the US, you will have to send it back to the US for any warranty service - the Canadian companies will not provide service.  This gets expensive - not only do you have to pay for shipping to the US (have you seen how much Canada Post charges for shipments to the US recently??), but you have to pay return shipping, and then brokerage again!

We've been actively reducing our Canadian prices wherever possible, and you will generally find that our overall price is cheaper than the overall price from a US dealer.  However, if you have found a difference, let us know and we can look into it for you!

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